Astronaut Cries Out In Shock At UFO Sighting?


A probable Extraterrestrial party has been documented through the docking of the Soyuz spacecraft.

In footage introduced by the European Space Company, Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who is Italy’s first lady in space, can be listened to shouting out in shock at one thing she saw through the docking of the Soyuz spacecraft.

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32 Responses

  1. Has anyone heard of space junk?

  2. What a joke!!!!! You sheephead will believe anything won`t you? GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!

  3. Why do they say it's always dangerous for us to meet extraterrestrials, that might be the only safe place. Nobody to interfere.

  4. A satellite close call would cause her to gasp.  My wife does that whenever a bird flies in front of the car.

  5. She was surprised because the guy docked the wrong hole. ?

  6. ghostypup says:

    probably space junk

  7. Emma Chapman says:

    this is the same sound thats been put on the black knight footage from 2016

  8. its me says:

    if this is her first time in space, she might have just been scared of anything and everything happening. I know I would be.

  9. holy shit that's crazy. damn Nasa never tell us the truth about ufos. bastards


  11. Lin Lopez says:

    She reacts by saying "Oh my God" right as the UFO manifests. That is not a coincidence, she simply reacted to witnessing a UFO.

    End of story.

  12. It stung a lil when the penis entered her anus and the male astronaught was just shushing her to be calm. It always stings in the Beginning but gets much better a minute later. He was being very caring to her.

  13. bucataru1977 says:

    Maybe the Russian grabbed her by the pussy

  14. Changez Shah says:

    We want full disclosure!

  15. Not me says:

    Looks like an air bubble to me. They are underwater. Flip the video and watch it.

  16. I tell people about this all the time, the footage I saw I cannot find anymore and it was her reacting to the Black Knight Satellite in that version.

  17. MrEd315 says:

    Hmmmm she saw some piece of debris and felt threatened by its proximity to the ship…

  18. Hunter Cook says:

    why do all these kind of videos have a digital voice?

  19. David says:

    how do you get the truth from scumbags

  20. Bora Çetin says:

    obviously she saw a penis out of a clear blue sky- i mean space ?

  21. She might have been finger banging herself

  22. Atlien Rider says:

    Now wait a -minute…. You mean to tell me that my iPhone can take a picture for clear I can see what subjects had for lunch but the damned space mission was recorded on a 7-11 security cam. Give me a break.

  23. Margot says:

    She was just excited. I would be shouting out in excitement too.

  24. It was a boomerang ufo

  25. AA E says:

    Not buying this. Nonsense.

  26. joey jenks says:

    I don't know why they want to hide the truth …

  27. Lisa Zweig says:

    why would she speak English if she was Italian? wouldn't she use an Italian expression?

  28. Ma apuca dracii cand vad specia umana cum pune botu' la toate prostiile facute de NASA Rusia China! Nu prostii, minciuni, facaturi!!!

  29. you are looking at the Hollywood movie morons

  30. How do you sleep at night? If these are your waking paranoias I can't imagine your nightmares! Plus, and I'm sure it's already been noted below somewhere, it sounds more like she just made her 400 kilometer high club membership to me, heh heh…!

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