Astronomers: Our Galaxy Loaded With Ticking Time Bombs

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The Earth and everything else in our galaxy is doomed to terrible destruction as millions of suns explode.

That’s the horrendous news that astronomers just discovered.

If the human race is going to survive into the far future not only will we have to get out to our solar system and nearby stars, but master the technology of intergalctic space travel to flee our doomed galaxy.

Exploding stars will swallow up whole planetary systems.

Millions of stars spinning towards galactic destruction

Imagine a room crammed with thousands of spinning tops. The tops are all spinning at different speeds. As the tops slow down they reach a critical point and then…explode.

Now imagine that those tops are really stars–millions of them–and they’re all spinning away merrily in our Milky Way Galaxy.

When they slow they detonate taking out any planets around them and often radiating a killing spectrum of radiation outwards for several light years or more.

That is the latest worrisome hypothesis advanced by grim astronomers.

Actual photo of doomed galaxy exploding.

Evidence of such disasters abound

For several hundred years telescopes have resolved tiny specks of light into the images of distant galaxies, some so far their light has traveled longer than Earth’s existed.

Some of those galaxies are exploding. Like the chain reaction of a gigantic nuclear pile gone wild, those distant galaxies and star clusters are ripping themselves apart with world-killing explosions.

Until recently, no one thought the same thing could happen here. None suspected that–until disturbing evidence began emerging that our own galaxy is like a no-man’s land, strewn with fusion time bombs from one graceful spiral arm to another.

Milky Way galaxy loaded with supernova killers ready to explode.

The scientists aren’t happy with this frightening data. But there it is. Their meticulaous research reveals that as stars age the only thing containing their volatile nuclear cores is the rate of their spin. When it slows–as it must–they detonate as supernovae killers.

Our galaxy – loaded with mindless killers

Stars light years away can destroy scores of planets.

Some supernovae eruptions are so big and expel so much energy the explosion detonates nearby stars and a chain reaction begins that shoots out waves of deadly radiation killing every potential life form for hundreds–even thousands–of light years.

In other words, any planets with civilizations on them are history.

Planets like Earth.

Galaxy that exploded—and died—a billion years ago.

For any that enjoy sleepless night or clinical depression, the scientific research appears in a paper in the September 1st issue of The Astrophysical Journal Letters and is available online for nightmarish reading.

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