Atlantis Found: Giant Sphinxes, Pyramids In Bermuda Triangle


Terrence Aym

Perhaps eclipsing the discoveries of Troy and King Tut’s tomb is the discovery of Atlantis. Now, two daring scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, claim they’ve found it. They discovered the submerged ruins of the ancient city off the shores of Cuba. In the distant past the region was dry land, but now only the island of Cuba remains above water. The ancient city is 600 feet below the ocean and the team of researchers led by Weinzweig and Zalitzki are convinced it is Atlantisthe city lost for more than 10,000 years.

Atlantis found in Bermuda Triangle

Two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, working off the coast of Cuba and using a robot submersible, have confirmed that a gigantic city exists at the bottom of the ocean. The site of the ancient citythat includes several sphinxes and at least four giant pyramids plus other structures—amazingly sits within the boundries of the fabled Bermuda Triangle.

According to a report by arclein of Terra Forming Terra, Cuban Subsea Pyramid Complex, the evidence points to the city being simultaneously inundated with rising waters and the land sinking into the sea. This correlates exactly with the Atlantis legend.

The disaster may have occurred at the end of the last Ice Age. As the Arctic icecap catastrophically melted it caused sea levels to rise quickly around the world, especially affecting the Northern Hemisphere. Coast lines changed; land was lost; islands (even island continents) disappeared.

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of lost Atlantis

At the end of last Ice Age sea levels were nearly 400 feet lower than present day levels. Once the waters began to rise, they rose swiftly. Conceivably, no technology then, or now, could have saved Atlantis from its watery grave. The evidence that land in what’s now the Caribbean also sank into the sea concurrently seems pretty certain.

Arclein observes: “At the time uplifted portions of the Mid Atlantic Ridge subsided also including Lyonese and the home islands and land mass around the Azores. Even if that had not happened, this subsidence was amply large enough.

‘Atlantis The Lost Continent’ [Image: MGM Studios]

“This would have produced an orthogonal pressure forcing subsidence to either East or West. Since the ridge between Cuba and Yucatan is the natural point of weakness between the Gulf subsidence basin and the Caribbean subsidence basin, it naturally subsided deeply. The driver for all this was the hydrostatic changes brought about by both the original crustal shift of 12,900 years ago that I have called the Pleistocene Nonconformity and the slow uplift of the Hudson Bay Basin brought about by the ending of the Ice Age.”

Cuban missile crisis stops research

According to journalist Luis Mariano Fernandez the city was first discovered decades ago, but all access to it was stopped during and after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

An artist reconstruction of the city of Atlantis

“The U.S. government discovered the alleged place during the Cuban missile crisis in the sixties, Nuclear submarines cruising in the Gulf (in deep sea) met pyramid structures. They immediately shut down the site and took control of him and the objects, in order that it will not come to Russians hands.”

The science team of deep ocean experts, archaeologists and oceanographers found ruins of ancient buildings 600 feet below the ocean. They say the city is Atlantis.

Look carefully, in the muky water a giant pyramid is visible [Image: LMF]

Pyramids and sphinxes bigger than Egypt’s

Evidence that the island of Cuba is the vestige of a once mighty culture is supported by Zalitzki’s discovery on the island of extremely ancient symbols and pictograms identical to those seen on the underwater structures.

A second giant pyramid photographed by the ROV [Image: LMF]

Using exploration submersibles, they discovered amazingly huge pyramid structures similar to (but larger than) the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. They estimate the Atlantis pyramids are constructed with stones weighing many hundreds of tons.

Robotic Ocean Vehicle (ROV) being lowered to site [Image: LMF]

Incredibly the ancient city also has magnificent sphinxes and “stones that arranged like Stonehenge, and a written language engraved on the stones,” reports Fernandez.

Crystal Atlantean pyramid also found in the Triangle

Another giant pyramid capped with what looks like a crystal was discovered by divers in the Bermuda Triangle [See: Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle]

The gigantic structure, also perhaps larger than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, and initially identified by a doctor in the 1960s, has been independently verified by diving teams from France and the U.S.

A discovery that rewrites world history

Could such a discovery change Mankind’s view of history? Yes, it could change everything.

Fernandez writes, “It has confirmed that the stones were cut, carved and polished to make them fit together and thus form larger structures. On the strange inscriptions, some of them similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics, very little is known, except that they are very abundant and found in almost all parts of the field. They have also appeared symbols and drawings whose meaning is unknown.”

The exploration of Atlantis, called Project Exploramar, is expanding to discover more of the mysteries of the mega-city.

Speaking with a scientist about the possibility that the ruins are indeed Atlantis, Fernandez reports the expert replied:

in the Yucatan cultures today is possible that what still remains of the aborigines of those places perhaps the Olmecs or some very primitive civilization of Yucatan, the northern part of Central Americaoriginated according to them on an island that sank by a cataclysm. This island is called Atlanticú.”

That too fits the stories about the sudden demise of the wondrous Atlantis.

Atlanticú. Atlantis. The aboriginal natives still call it that in their history.

Fernandez interviews Pauline Zalitzki about Atlantis [Image: LMF]

During an interview about the exploration of the mega-city, Fernandez asked lead scientist Pauline Zalitzki about the civilaztion that built it.

“When we published the first news of this finding,” she said, “the University of Veracruz was interested in our work and we had recorded images of these structures on the seabed. Specifically, the Institute of Anthropology of the University excavations invited me. They were doing [studies] on parts and ruins of the Olmec civilization.

Sonar images of mega-structures on the seabed [Image: LMF]

“When they saw these submarine images [they] found similarities and parallels with the ruins found in these excavations that the Institute was undertaking.

Another image of an Atlantean mega-structure [Image: LMF]

“The Olmecs and other native peoples all have primary morphology marking the arrival of this continent. This mean coming from the direction of Cuba, and had to occur in a very large earthquake where their land sank. Morphologies indicate that they belong to three families who were saved. One of these families came to the coast of Veracruz, which are supposedly the Olmec. Others came to Central America and traveled to the Pacific coast, and these families created the civilization of the Americas as we know it today, because they distributed all their knowledge.

“When these anthropologists saw underwater images of this city, and saw some stone monoliths, some symbol, and inscriptions, they identified with Olmec motifs. They were very surprised.”

The Olmecs devolved from the survivors of Atlantis, a much superior culture destroyed aft the end of the Ice Age flooding. The world was reshaped and a super-civilization destroyed, remembered for millennia only in legend and a passing refernce by the philosopher Plato.

But Atlantis was real, is real: scientists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki have found it.

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  1. Andrew Botha says:

    That is a very old Ruin area, but not Atlantis. The city you are looking for is 1600 km from the straights of Gibralta towards the USA Coast. SCRIPPS has been trying to cover it in Google Earth. Its 400×600 km in size !
    You have stumbled upon some old ruins of the very distanat past !

  2. This is all very real. Check this 2012 picture of the top of an underwater pyramid found within the sandy banks of Bermuda triangle. More pictures and TV documentary filming to come in 2013.

  3. Raschella says:

    Im surprised no one has commented on the crystal pyramid, how fascinating! Now THATs architecture!

  4. Butt says:

    This is soooooo stupid

  5. Daphney Thwate says:

    What a load of crap. Can’t put it more simply than that morons. 😡

    • Tessachan says:

      Actually, Daphney Thwate, it’s a load of physical evidence /in situ/, undisturbed and undeniable. Sounds to me like you’re an adherent of the reductionist type of science. “Nananana! I can’t hear you” (fingers stuck in ears and eyes shut in terror.) Come on, get a grip on your psyche. This actually /exists/ and there is ample evidence in historical writings to support the physical evidence. Sheesh, you never heard of Troy, right? Google or Bing Schliemann.

  6. Dmitry says:

    Are there any journal articles that were published about this? What is the source of all this information? Post some links eh!

  7. Tysen says:

    As we lay our heads to go to sleep and wake up to see another day our understanding of life and this world are questioned. Who would have ever known 1/2 of what we were tough in school was a lie, what a waste of my time. Its almost like a grown man thinking santa really exist, lol smh! The goverment hides the truth because they know if we really knew what was going on most goverments around the world would be overthrown. Some would commit suicide others would fight for answers. Around march 12th to the 14th a triangle was seen °0 lon and °0 lat on the sun. The mayans were rite, I would have to say from my personal research the pyramids have some type of energy source and are being used as some type of portal. Will the government tell the pubic only time will tell?

  8. Aquil ExportQuality Hall says:

    "The Olmecs devolved from the survivors of Atlantis, a much superior culture destroyed aft the end of the Ice Age flooding. The world was reshaped and a super-civilization destroyed, remembered for millennia only in legend and a passing refernce by the philosopher Plato."…well the Atlanteans couldn't have been that superior if their civilization was destroyed.

  9. Matthew Bowen says:

    Horse dung

    • Pluto says:

      I really wonder what goes on in the heads of people like you when you make such comments, is it the years of superior education you have recieved or years of absolute ignorance! same kind of people are responsible for killing and burning innocent people who have researched and made public thier findings over the past 800hundred years, same people who set about killing and burning people who said out loud that the Earth is round not square or flat 🙂
      find out more about things and not just what you have been told by your ignorant ancestors

  10. Finally! Very Interesting!

  11. Linda Rakie says:

    This is amazing to see. Confirms the story we need to tell. No coincidence Bermuda triangle phenomema. The "earthquake" was the accidental takeout of one of 6 gates surrounding City of Avion, known as Lemuria , (Garden of Eden) . The six gates did not go away and still emit incredible ability. Anyway… No evil aliens, just advanced humans on a timewalk to prevent the current clone disaster. Would love to chat…..

  12. Scott Leone says:

    Too bad the people from Atlantis had such bad carbon emissions. It was all their fault.

    • Damn gasguzzlers. Should have gone solAr!

    • Scott Leone says:

      They tried but the patents were suppressed by Alien oil interests, who owned all rights to the sun. (people were more gullible in those days). To prove their point, they announced schedules for the next 50 eclipses. Fearful of the unreliability of the sun, they succumbed to the Alien propaganda promoting fossil fuels. The Aliens also later created the Mayan calendar for the same reasons. The poor Mayans bought their story.

    • Scott Leone says:

      The Aliens, in anticipation of the "flood", bought (elevated) real estate in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, Hindustan, Central America, Peru, Cambodia, Crete. They short-sold their holdings in the Black Sea, and bought options for Romania, the Ukraine and Antarctica.

    • Scott Leone says:

      A couple thousand years after the ice age, budget cuts from the Aliens' corporate office (wherever that was) forced cutbacks on remote operations such as Earth. This was bad for the economies in unflooded areas then separated from each other due to lack of intercommunication.

    • Scott Leone says:

      (I'm having fun with this stuff) Of course you know I'm not serious. But I can keep on going if anyone likes it. Jump in any time. I making all this up as I go.

  13. FLC says:

    I concur this is real.. evidences are surfacing and there are a lot more that are unknown to us… perhaps they can link all these pyramids… why last time the shape of pyramid are identical..

  14. Fits perfectly with the Genesis account of the flood.

    • ei_vittu_nyt_oikeasti says:

      No it does not.

    • JD says:

      NO dude… the Genesis account of the flood is a rehash of another story about the flood. most of the bible is. MANY MANY MANY accounts of a giant flood are found all over the place.

      if you really want to learn more about Atlantis you need to read Edgar Cayce’s work, and the books published by his sons.

    • Danny Gunn says:

      Fits perfectly with an island sinking as well.

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