AUDIOBOOK The Second World War by John Keegan Part 1 of 3



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  1. Wow, thanks for uploading this. Wondering where part 2 is?

  2. where are parts 2 & 3?

  3. is this unabridged?

  4. at least I don't have to read in ENGLISH class ah hahaha YAH

  5. nimium1955 says:

    text was written for reading not for speaking.

  6. then go get the book and read it and keep your options to yourself.

  7. This is an excellent book (or part of it), professionally read well. The book was written by the preeminent military scholar of the last 40 years.

    Thank you.

  8. gda295 says:

    as a completist i do not think i will start this war

  9. John Cole says:

    Why didn't he stop when France was controlled? He could have reversed the Versailles Treaty and kept Poland, the Sudetanland, Chekoslavakia, Austria, He bombs England and invades Eussia instead. Had he not heard of America? His compulsion to destroy what he couldn't control was a real character flaw in a dictator. Nice one, germany.


  11. Ric Ng says:

    Books on tape? what's tape?

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