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  1. jleetxgirl says:

    Hypnotic O's swinging on screen.

  2. How far is Whitechapel from The Olympic Stadium in London?

  3. I think they will delay the false flag asthey now realise how ordinary people are going to react. Then they will discreetly offer us the micro-chip next year.

  4. Excellent research my friend.

  5. SORRY about the rain noise very heavy rain here this week

  6. they are indeed the swinging Os sounds a bit naughty

  7. dont put money on that phil the lolo jones story is very ominous im not over exaggerating

  8. phil only a few thousand have any idea most people in uk and aussie have no idea past a pint of ale and fox sport

  9. My tip is it will invove china in some way thats why suu kyi and lama were in london

  10. And im thinking it will be about dust lots of dust only a bit radioactive but enough to cause fear maybe quarantine LONDON get to screen everyone not much death just fear of death Its the war of worlds and saint that convinced me especially as roger is way involved sounds funny but that saint episode is way spooky the death ray the scotland location and the name soren

  11. PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon man has been arrested after airport authorities saw him trying to hide his gun in a planter box so he could retrieve it upon his return.

    The Oregonian reports that 69-year-old Soren Muir Johnson of Eagle Point was arrested for investigation of reckless endangering.

  12. wow good stuff again. EU flag has 12 stars as well. i heard charles applied to be king of EU lol

  13. Yes they time these things decades in advance. This is how they times the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with the Venus Transit.

  14. 69-year-old Soren Muir Johnson ANOTHER JONES/JOHN and SOREN from the SAINT now SAGE STALLONE 36 36 69???? Muir IS LIKE MOORE!!!!!!!!

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