Aurora Shooter Cover-Up – Pictures Tell a Thousand Words


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The alleged shooter of the Aurora movie theater massacre “James Holmes” might not be who they are showing us on TV.

Astonishingly, the persons in both photos look nothing alike.

The following is a photo comparison of James Holmes (on the left before the crime) and “James Holmes” (on the right) after the crime, during the first court proceeding:

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  1. jean moreau says:

    There were initial reports that George Bush Sr. was photographed outside the theatre immediately after the shootings. This is not a joke, and I would like to know if anyone can substantiate this information.

  2. Phil E Drifter says:

    different scale perspectives. Using VLC I can cycle through various movie perspectives by pressing the A key; 5:4 -> 16:9, etc.

  3. Teresa Pratt says:

    THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!!! Proof of false flag!

  4. Bill Maltby says:

    Well, all I can say is each and every leader in this great country have turned out to be nothing but frigin’ liars. I would have NO doubt in my mind that they have fixed it up some way. I don’t trust any of the powers that be anymore. They would frame their own mothers for something if they could. Especially the last 3 years, the problem is look at our choice for leader come up. Its just like the movie “DUMB & DUMBER”

  5. Vigilo Procinctu says:

    i think its same person….. think nostrils are flared from smiling….. adams apple and mark on his right cheek look same

    • Savo Piqqeut says:

      Definitely not the same individual, measurements against eye distances, ears are different, eye color, eyebrow contours, lips different, nose bridge thinner, nostrils wider/larger more importantly is why the switch ? Are the media trying to prove how naive and complacent humanity is?

      • dave says:

        Obvious as the nose on your face . this ain’t the same person . but it don’t matter . he will go down anyway and most Americans will shrug their shoulders and forget until its one of their own who get slaughtered . which brings to mind the German people during Hitlers era . They saw nothing . they heard nothing and said nothing . and payed a monumental price for such stupidity . the American government and their poodles [ British/ Australian and so called NATO allies] will also pay for the stupidity of staying silent in the face of incredible hypocrisy of the Jews and their puppets in the US and the UN .

        • defiant Goyim says:

          100% right. we are going into another red slaughter like russia before. no heroes to speak out.

          the only people hitting the nail on the head are mark glenn and his ugly truth radio show.

          the only place for real news. if u don’t hear the word jew… then ignore it for it is lies.

          the world is waking up

    • Greg says:

      Exactly. Just feel your nose as you smile, then purse your lips. And his head is a little leaned back making the angle different in the second picture. And he is older. People with their crazy conspiracy theories really muddy the waters and make it hard to discern the truth.

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