Aussie HAARP Proof Will Blow Your Mind


Flanders388 on youtube brings us this strong evidence of HAARP use in Port Hedland, Western Australia and how it is affecting weather patterns. This is a Pretty Obvious Example of how HAARP and Chemtrails are being used to distribute Weather, Earthquake’s, Sinkholes, and a variety of very serious & desasterous Killer situations.


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  1. Hans Oellers says:

    YouTube link down! Censorred I guess. Anybody has a mirror video?

  2. Honesty says:

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Once a liar has been proven a liar, there is no going back. it is wise not to trust Govt now. It is better to make mistakes & be wrong than to continue thinking/hoping they are now telling the truth. We have to see with our minds, because we cannot trust what our eyes show us.

  3. george says:

    eres my post? Theres a haarp on an island of the west australian coast. It has a big hexagon on it. U might still find it with google earth. My detailed comment has been censored

  4. Anon says:

    From an inside source, The patterns on BOM website are just radar calibration. That’s all.

  5. George says:

    I’ve watched the planes fly over and put down the chemtrails in Queensland, They don”t evaporate like normal contrails but linger around and create whipsy clouds. GJS has never looked up in the sky and uses big words to sound smart but his eyes are wide shut. I saw on a video on a haarp installation in western australia near some fracking wells. It has a giant hexagon with haarp inside it. He found this using google earth, not long after the us whinged that people could see their secret stuff now the resolution on the western australian islands is suspiciously choppy in some areas. What can we do though, the people aren’t in the loop anymore, it’s all about a hand full of people trying to play god. They won’t let the earth heal itself, they just want an excuse to become all powerful. First chemtrails then what, abit of flu virus to stir up sales in the pharmaceutical business? I can’t even comprehend the crap that goes on
    through these meglomaniacs heads.

    • phugemawl says:

      Yep, I’m in Brisbane and have been seeing chemtrails for a few years now. I’ve started to photograph them when I spot them but haven’t been able to see too many over the last six months because there have been so many overcast days with recurring rain… out of character for “The Sunshine State”. Possible proof of chemtrail activity?

  6. Bob dole says:

    No dude, that’s a malfunctioning weather radar… happens all the time, what next static on the TV?

  7. GJS says:

    This is pure conjecture, these weather patterns are typical of the cyclone season under La Nina influence, you can study this yourself by researching past data.
    Although there are many deceptions & lies being perpetuated on the public by Govs not everything is sinister in nature, somethings are simply coincidental & naturally occuring.
    We should ALL be wary of what we perceive as manipulation as some people who happen to stumble across some things on line take it as gospel & change their whole life unfortunately sometimes ending in tragedy, if things such as these upset you please take them with a grain of salt & go on with life.

    • jimspriggs says:

      To GJS Are you really too thick to see something manmade is wrong with our weather.
      Nothing to see here folks move along & go back to sleep.

    • JL says:

      A typical cyclone shows up as a pattern that has a large dark spot with a red dot center? Ilive in a country constantly hit by cyclones, even hurricane katrina in the US which destroyed a whole city never show up on the data looking like anything on the patterns shown above. hurricanes show as a big white swirls, not a weather pattern that perfectly circular or shows a hot spot on the center.

    • Joshua says:

      Th world wide chemtrail op is real and it is partially used for geoengineering and weather mod. These radar tracks above though like typical radar returns which happen in patterns and symmetry. I doubt these are telling us anything about chemtrails

    • Susanne says:

      You cannot be serious about your unqualified statements ! My garden is struggling for the last 3 years from all the poison being sprayed. do you want to deny the bio-diversity report, are you really that naive that you think it’s mother nature destroying itself. Maybe you know how to get the chemicals out of the ground and bring all the dead bugs back and the birds and bats that are dying by the thousands because of a lack of food. My analytical thinking and comparisons going back 30 years has clearly proven the systematic destruction of species, never mind the growing illnesses related to Aluminum inhalation, just check the stats on that. Who are you defending here and why…………you clearly are in dire need of a re – evaluation of your priorities in life, you poor man.

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