Australia keeps refugees in radio silence


The Australian government takes a hardline stance on refugee boat arrivals, sending them to remote offshore detention camps. But when communication lines …


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  1. Eric Hayes says:

    I don't like refugees

  2. Eric Hayes says:

    you are not cent I know anymore, you guys songs like CNN or ABC.

  3. Are we really surprised. It is the same as Guantanamo, or any other camps.

  4. Are we really surprised. It is the same as Guantanamo, or any other camps.

  5. zuluula says:

    Why was my comment removed ?

  6. soredem says:

    good job keep the roaches out

  7. LeilaMurka says:

    Excellent. Australia is adore you. Please continue doing this. protect your country. what these seekers think, they'll just come and be able to enter the country so easily? please dont low them. they will enter your country, then hate you and that country, and they will try to instill their beliefs and culture on to the people. women cant dress up certain way, this is blasphemy, that is against religious belief. Australia, save your country and its people by closing your borders.

  8. Stuart Gould says:

    Wow! these comments are gunna get shout down. People are awake to these people. The west isn't blind anymore … Thanks to technology , thanks CNET.

  9. LeilaMurka says:

    good! this will discourage others from coming to Australia. otherwise, they will invade your country. im actually disappointed that Australia has actually built shacks and little homes for them. that money could have been used to help its citizens.

  10. I don't agree with either side here tbh. I think that they still need to control immigration and have their Visa system, but, they also shouldn't just lock up all these people and treat them like this.

  11. The Dude25 says:

    good, keep them out.

  12. TheNasheR93 says:

    What do you expect? Living in a 7 star hotel?..

  13. Bil Shaw says:

    all of them paid up to $10,000 to smugglers in indonesia to get on the boat, with less than 10k you can get an actual visa, why get on boats.

  14. sethman75 says:

    That is why the world looks to Australia on how to deal with illegal immigrants and the money grubbing people smugglers. If you want to come to our country apply like every one else.

  15. Jack Daniel says:

    I wish I was an Australian citizen, if these refugees r so miserable send them to Germany or to a Muslim country. White Christians wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jihad is coming

  16. get back to tec reviews

  17. Good job Australia

  18. denault3985 says:

    Good for Australia, keeping the country whole! Btw, Australia does allow Chinese immigrants so their not racist.

  19. Very Bad where is Human rights ???

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