Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange Marvel Illuminati Teaser Breakdown


Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange Marvel Illuminati Teaser. Kevin Feige Doctor Strange Iron Man Meeting, Marvel Roster, Captain Marvel and Dormammu vs …


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  1. Andrew Flood says:

    Have to have Namor.

  2. Chad J says:

    I heard Marvel is negotiating to bring Fantastic 4 in when will they show namor and the other characters they have access to.

  3. lilrico21 says:

    oh snap Namor is Illuminati, that's coo

  4. uhlan30 says:

    So basically what you're saying is… Illuminati confirmed?

  5. Alex Hess says:

    Coulson should become a member of the Illuminati.

  6. illuminati confirmed

  7. I think by the time infinity war comes out marvel will probably own fantastic four. Fox hasn't done so well with it, not unlike spider man but even worse.

  8. # hardyforwolverine

  9. John Colonio says:

    mulitverse… hmmmm… could we see The Maker (evil reed) ???

  10. omg! ive just seen Doctor Strange not going to say any spoilers but if you can watch it on 3D.

  11. Simon Najar says:

    Will it as in infinity war include all the guardians or just a couple?

  12. Easytokillme says:

    Not a fan of the new outro. Big fan of the channel though keep up the great videos!

  13. Meowthee says:

    just came back from Doctor Strange screening and it was freaking awesome and soo tripy and just…man…. :O 😀 can'T wait for your review

  14. Who Cares says:

    Black Bolt and mother fucking Nova please.

  15. I need to see Tony Stark and Dr Strange have an argument. It be hilarious and well written.

  16. psdeadat29 says:

    What's up with Nick Fury just disappearing period? Samuel L. Jackson isn't listed for anymore Marvel movies.

  17. Sam Moss says:

    THE ANCIENT ONE DIES. Doctor strange doesnt become the sorcerer supreme at the end of the film

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