Baba Vanga – Donald Trump Predictions 2017 – World War III or Peace?

26 Craig talks about Donald Trump and the predictions of Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga who foresaw 9/11 and a black president. In this discourse Craig looks at the predictions for 2017 and comments on which ones seem likely. Will there be a World War III under Donald Trump or will he be the great peacemaker? Baba Vanga ‘saw’ the future. Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian prophet who lived from 1911 till her death in 1996. She was blind. Millions of people believed she had paranormal abilities. She went blind when a ‘tornado’ allegedly lifted her into the air and threw her in a nearby field. By age 15 was blind. Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian prophet who lived from 1911 till her death in 1996. She was blind. • Baba Vanga reached news headlines after predicting, in 1989, what many interpret to be the 9/11 terror attacks. “Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.” — Predicted in 1989 by Baba Vanga. Baba Vanga also predicted that the 44th President of the United States would be African American. Last year people said Obama would be the LAST president of the USA. This was supposed to be because of an economic crisis. Some are now interpreting her words that a messianic personality – Donald Trump – will take the Oath Of Office. She foresaw a “great Muslim war” which would begin with the Arab Spring in 2010, play out in Syria and end with the establishment of a caliphate by 2043 with Rome at its epicenter.
Could Baba Vanga’s prophesy be that Donald Trump is the man who’ll sign ‘the lasting peace’?


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26 Responses

  1. what is happening to his eyes? 11:11 onwards

  2. donkiyboy says:

    It's like Anthony Hopkins had a cool YouTube channel…and not in a eating my liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, kinda way. Subscribed.

  3. Guncriminal says:

    I don't mean to urinate in Baba's cornflakes, but modern aircraft aren't made of steel. Steel is only a tiny % of the total weight of an aircraft, for obvious reasons.

  4. Jay Valentin says:

    Feel sorry for this guy's wife , he's gotta always be right haha

  5. thor2070+9 says:

    We are still at risk of a financial collapse. We are heading for a financial crisis. House Speaker Paul Ryan admitted this. We are in a religious war. Europe is in a state of crisis, due to her treacherous leadership. The first nation at risk of collapse is Sweden. The lying-ass Media will do its best to cover it up.

  6. Mark Snider says:

    Do you know how evil our government is? It has abridged our freedom of speech and has compromised the truth and honesty in the press, and has prohibited the right of the people to peacefully assemble. It has obstructed and impedes the rights of citizens to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It has refused the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. It issues global warrants without probable cause. It has invaded every home, every personal phone call, email and text. Our personal privacy and security has been eliminated without cause or due process of law. It has imposed cruel and unusual punishment which it inflicts upon citizens and foreigner alike. It endorses torture in black ops sites and overseas prisons. It imposes the death penalty on people who have been accused of crimes who were later found innocent .It has created rules and conditions to prevent fair and honest elections. The political system provides only corporate friendly candidates who take legalized bribes. It has silently sent CIA or economic hit men to corrupt or kill heads of state in other countries. The Federal Government has mismanaged our nation’s wealth so poorly that the General Accounting Office has little idea where or how our tax money is spent. Government initiated waste and graft is rampant and has enriched the Military Industrial Complex, the insurance and health industries with highly inflated contracts which in turn they give large kickbacks to corrupt politicians. It has imposed the world’s largest national debt on its citizens without their consent all the while giving congressional leaders pay increases, generous retirement benefits, armed security and free healthcare, all of which they deny to the citizens they represent and serve. It has militarized local police departments and encouraged the police to use force on those who protest the government’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. It has tortured, killed or imprisoned thousands of people, both domestic and foreign. American citizens are objects of government atrocities including: The Tuskegee Experiments, slavery, the MKULTRA Program, Operation Keelhaul, the treatment of Native Americans, radiation experiments which killed unsuspecting innocent citizens, the 1940 Chicago prisoner infection, Project Paperclip, Agent Orange exposures, Project Thirdchance, Project MKNOMI, the Dachau massacre, the Biscari massacre, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation, illegal gag orders on chem-trails, the cover-up of pedophile rings, collaboration with illegal drug organizations, forcing fiat money upon its citizens, Operation Midnight Climax, the prosecution of Edward Snowden and dozens of honest patriotic whistleblowers. It has a well-documented history of insider trading with Wall Street, revolving doors and quid pro quo relationships with large corporations. It has given power and wealth to the large corporations and the wealthy while ignoring and diminishing the income, rights and power of the common man through low wages, unjust laws, high taxes, inflation and neglect of the Constitution, their sworn oath, and the upholding of the principles in the Declaration of Independence. The rich get plenty of representation and do not pay taxes, the rest of us pay taxes and have no representation. Let us stand together as a group of patriots and put an end to this shit by non-compliance and if necessary, revolution.

  7. Maya Bee says:

    I wonder why english speaking people call Vanga "Baba Vanga". Baba means Grandmother and this is how we called her here in Bulgaria but they could just call her Vanga. I guess it's how a book has been translated.
    Real phenomenon though. She could astrotravel ! When her husband dies she "falls asleep" as her sister describes it for almost 2 days. Vanga said she was with her husband on the other side to help him adjust ! She could also direct channell aliens – I believe it's the Tall whites. She could heal people as well or .. if you take a video of hers or a photo andshe doesn't want you to she would break your camera- it just stops working !
    Imagine all that in the 70's/ 80's in eastern Europe ! When people weren't open to these possibilities at all. Personally I believe that she was heavily censored and maybe has predicted tons of things we don't know.

  8. Ktm Exc says:

    A lot of People in central europe are concerned about the upcomming elections in France and maybe also netherlands. I saw the predictions of nostadamus in century 10, 16-19, he is talking that a queen will be voted and the stars( eu) she their Island hurt. Well if le pen Comes the game is up for the EU, and i do not want to think what happens if the euro collapses. I am also concerned about that .

  9. P L1951 says:

    No offense meant but you are projecting on to Trump. Speaking as an American Dem Trump is not our legitimate President. He was elected by the Electoral College system, not the people who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary by 3 million votes.
    Trump is dismantling our democracy and truly is a danger to the free world. He's trying hard to delegitimize our press, has struck terror into Hispanics and Muslim communities, has eliminated laws that protect our clean air and water in the name of good business,is going to leave millions without healthcare by giving them unaffordable options, and has plans to dismantle our public schools by mandating voucher schools/Christian schemes where children's test scores plummet. Add to that the coming tariffs, trade wars, build up of nuclear weapons and probably his going after poor people's benefits and it's disastrous. Corporations will profit at the expense of the public good. And our economy will suffer greatly from all this but it will be hidden for awhile.
    So I don't say this lightly, Trump is a national disgrace to America.
    His base loves all this…for now. When they are suffering more as a result the tide will turn against Trump & the GOP. There's no way Trump will bring peace to the world. Quite the opposite.
    The one positive I see is that people who are fighting back with protests are seeing that we're all in this together. We each have to do our part to ensure peace and justice for all regardless of religion. That's the America I believe in .

  10. Ben Zeal says:

    Hi craig. Iv bought your book and looking forward to reading it. I might plan to travel to south india to read my own nadis. Not sure how hard or easy it will be. But to ask you a question. Do you feel denmark will leave the EU this year or next? Do you feel this is 100% or 50% what about lituania and Luxembourg?

  11. linda meel says:

    Because Obama has no birthcertificat, {he has won but it isnt the real one} Obama born in Indonesia, and can therefore not be officially the 44 president off the USAEvery president of the USA must be born in the USA and hey wasnt

  12. Helen Isaac says:

    Obama the last of the black person to be the President.

  13. popi toto says:

    Is sure she has missed the prophecy for the last president,but many phrophecies foretold that the war world 3 extends with a assasination of un important person in the Balcans or Yugoslavie-Hungary area..Reagarding the peace maker this will be the French King or Monarch who appears at the end of the Russian- France war and he brings everywhere peace…(it seems that he will go to Greece also and Turkey,becaus Russia will invade Turkey after the invasion of Turkey in..Greece!).Not many prophesied the Russia invasion to Turkey..Regarding the chimics.Alois Irlmaier wrote also in his prophecy..that they will throw chimics on the Russian troops near to the Rhine river when they invade Germany..He predicted also a Islamic army..

  14. war,trump always wants to fight like bitch.

  15. markup357 says:

    15:09…Its worse than u know.

  16. Ruby M says:

    Just got in from work to find your new book Messages From The Universe had been delivered, really looking forward to reading it. I love all your videos so keep them coming please. I also love your page in Take a Break's Fate & Fortune its brilliant. Ty Craig

  17. angelfire4xx says:

    Peace is easy and always has been. Problem is, it's not profitable. If the US and Saudi Arabia stop arming those trying to overthrow governments, there would be no more wars. N. Korea and Iran see their nuclear deterrents as just that. It is US-backed media spin which makes them look like the aggressors. The Saudis are weaponizing ISIS in the middle east. This is what has to be stopped, but again, it's not profitable, as the UK and US supply arms to Saudi Arabia. It's all about Deep State and their money, money, money. Trump is the child who sees the emperor has no clothes and wants to stop the evil. Deep State want to stop Trump. Craig, you are only scratching at the surface.

  18. Olive Kelly says:

    Trump may be the last president in the sense that there will be changes in legislation so the powers of the president are reduced, perhaps seeing the introduction of a presidential role that is more along the lines of a prime minster.

  19. 21 G.O.D. says:

    I was just going to say that Trump is actually the 44th president considering the non-consecutive terms of Cleveland, I can certainly see Trump being the last president in the traditional sense.

  20. Baba Vanga's prediction regarding Trump was very much in my awareness before the election, and now it appears that perhaps Trump will ultimately be seen as illegitimate due to the Russian influence on the election. Let us see. Perhaps it is Sai Baba who Baba Vanga forsaw will be the savior who will appear. There are many who have had dreams that Sai Baba will reappear in human form (he left his body in 2011, meaning he will resurrect). Should that happen, that will be a most remarkable, consciousness expanding phenomenon

    In the late 90's a Dr. Gadhia of UK quoted Sai Baba as saying, "In this Avatar, a great war will come between America, Russia and the Muslim powers. When this happens the world will be brought to the brink of destruction. At that moment I will reveal Myself, and in revealing Myself I will end that war. And no more wars will follow."

    Others have been given similar messages in dreams and visions.

    Article Source: Sai Thy Kingdom Come –

  21. Your views are politically one sided. West is good east is bad. Hmmm. I know many mediums and psychics personally and each are this way bar a few. I think you would be wise to be independent and come from the energetic space not polluting with your opinion. I.E. Iran nuclear. No evidence but no mention their neighbour has masses of nuclear arms. Keep independence. Stay on point. Spiritual.

  22. maskbear54 says:

    Trump is actually the 44th person to hold the Presidency. Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th President. So she could be right.

  23. jo mitri says:

    Obama the last bad president and Trump chosen by God

  24. I could listen to Craig all day , he talks with clarity and a lack of ego driven certainty that some psychics seem to have about them .  top bloke .

  25. Holly Turney says:

    Thanks Craig! Very enlightening!

  26. Hello Craig di you speak french or understand it?…thanks

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