Baby Nearly Starved To Death; Lazy Parents Sentenced


Brandon Walker

A child was nearly starved to death last December. This week justice was served. The lazy parents that would rather not feed their child, and party with friends instead,  were sentenced to 60 years behind bars.

The case was in Dallas, Texas. Some teen age children heard a baby cry outside a trailer. When they found the baby he was nearly starved.

Baby Nearly Starved To Death; Lazy Parents Sentenced

Fox Channel 4 reports:

HOOD COUNTY, TX – Baby Riley is safe after he was found starved by his parents nearly to death. The young couple, Justin and Brittany Alston were sentenced to 60 years in prison after it was discovered that they had starved Riley because they were too lazy to take care of him.

Last December several teenagers were attending a party at the couple’s mobile home in rural Hood County when they heard crying from the back of the trailer. What they found was horrifying. Baby Riley was lying there emaciated, covered in urine and vomit. The teenagers called an adult who brought him to the hospital, where doctors who treated him didn’t believe he would live. Investigators believe that the parents may not have fed him properly for over two months.

“Brittany [the mother] told investigators when she was asked why she didn’t feed this baby she said that she had other things to do, like getting the oil changed in the car,” she said. The 21-year-old ‘parents’ admitted they preferred drinking and smoking pot with their friends instead of taking care of their baby.

“These parents, I don’t know if they wanted him to die but they were waiting for him to die and I believe if he had they’d have thrown him in the trash,” Hood County District Attorney Robert Christian said.

Doctors fed Riley through an IV until his body could finally accept food. He was then placed in a foster home and in just a few months has fattened up just like a baby should.~

You can see their video of the case here:

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    My daughters first husband starved his child from his first wife to death. We learned this after he was arrested for child molestation of her girls. He got 7 years for molestation and only one for starving his child to death.

  2. Archie1954 says:

    Evil people but the sentence is typically excessive. More Southern “justice”. So instead of one potentially damaged life, we now have three. Whatever happened to psychological rehabilitation?

  3. Nick says:

    I hope they starve them in prison.

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