Back to School: Huge Try On Clothing Haul 2016 || Farina Aguinaldo


HI LOVES! First of all, thank you for 4K subscribers! I love you lots! Hahah! Second, I am making my snapchat public so go ahead and add me to see behind the …


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  1. soukaina xo says:

    liking the vid before watchin cuz i know how awesome ur hauls are !! xoxo

  2. HeyItsShadei says:

    loved this haul and all the pink items

  3. Ur hauls = goaaaalllss ❤️? gratz for 4k gurrrll u deserve it and moreee i love pink the shop (not the color) ahhahaha i love thier deallsss

  4. So many things from PINK ? love!

  5. Got the same backpack ?❤️❤️❤️❤️

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