BackPage Blues | Chelsea Will Spend £100m!


Rory is joined by Charlie for another edition of BackPage Blues, the pair discuss Chelsea’s future in the transfer market as well as likely arrivals this summer …


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  1. Puzaldinho says:


    Job done, £110m max.
    we could easily get this sorted within 2 weeks, we won't, and they will all go to different clubs and we take another step to being like arsenal or liverpool only competing for capital one cup and fa cup

  2. morata is not good for chelsea lets get benzema

  3. who are chelsea selling?

  4. Only 100? Mourinho gets fuckin 200?

  5. Darah Biru says:

    too many nipples in this channel

  6. Puzaldinho says:

    Why are you saying Nainggolan like that too

    what's Nangulan and Nangulin ???

    besides that great vid lads

  7. chelsea are linked to italy and juventus for players :P

  8. Nive_7 K. says:

    we need a defender !

  9. Liam D says:

    Kante picking the ball up in the midfield so that Cesc can supply. Imagine

  10. Sumeet Jena says:

    we just need to sign fucking someone. it could be martin deimehcails (spelled wrong), i could care less

  11. WE NEED A RB!!!!

  12. TheDixy2000 says:

    Chel$ki ruining football again as usual. What a cancerous club.

  13. Koulibaly would be a great signing

  14. I would go Kante 100%

  15. Azyne says:

    I know chelsea are big and have loads of money but they don't have Champion League football. World class players want to play in the Champion league and most of these players already play for clubs in that competition. Challenging summer up ahead for chelsea.

  16. Muhammad Ali says:

    we aint spending shit 100 million to spend? bollocks!!

  17. Aditya Singh says:

    i would take Nainngolan ,Rory,Morata without any hesitation

  18. The transfer window hasn't even started. Chill out guys.

  19. maltie268 says:

    Good stuff about Koulibaly? Why do you never criticise a transfer rumour? Is he any better than Clarke salter or Tomori?

  20. mo sisso says:

    Would you guys take back Juan Mata in a swap deal for Willian or Matic?

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