Bajirao Mastani | Official Teaser | Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra


He is one of history’s greatest unsung heroes; a Maratha Peshwa who rewrote the true essence of love and fearlessly protected his kingdom for over 47 long …


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  1. The larger than life as usual …… Sanjay Leela Bhansali… ? you rocked it man..! Its music ,coustumes, sets, chemistry b/w actors simply INCREDIBLE…! Sure i m gonna watch ittttt…… ?

  2. Erica Patel says:

    What was I doing till now!!!
    Omg Epic It is ! Can't wait at all
    Bajirao-Mastani-Kashi ?

  3. hakam khaira says:

    Does anyone know the song/score for the trailer??
    .. So epic!

  4. sensualasya says:

    I am impressed with the scale of production and the production values but the last bit of dialogue had me groaning….. that is so 'inspired' by the famous line from Mughal-e-Azam, "Ishq Jo dar jaye, who ishq nahin, ayiyashi haiin"

  5. This trailer is also awesome and the movie will be one of Bhansali's best works ever.
    Please don't compare this film with Baahubali. It would be very stupid. People criticize Baahubali as most of its work is done by graphics and vfx. Then can u pls tell me which indian movie did u see that used this kind of technology at such an extent(there are Krrish 3 and It is made on Hollywood standard and people rather than appreciating that fact are criticizing it. Did u notice the weapons, warsuits and other small things. Probably such an effort has been put in no other movie. Plus, Baahubali is India's highest grosser worldwide. In USA and China, it broke the records of Pk and hny. It is not a khan movie then what takes a movie in achieving so much. Both these films will be epic in their own way.

  6. ashok desai says:

    The Great Maratha and Great MAstani

  7. I think that is going to be a box office.can't wait to watch it:D

  8. woaaaaahhhh… again a hit from deepika padukone… no actress can compete her ever… <3 deepika…waiting for movie to release…

  9. Terrific..
    Can't wait until movie release
    So excited
    Love you Ranveer Singh

  10. Wow wow &wow we love you deepy pc &ranveer singh ???????????

  11. One of the greatest warriors in the history of India. Thanks to Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
    Thanks for promoting Indian history.

    Bajirao ruled approximately whole India.

  12. papon 007 says:


  13. Dinesh Faxon says:

    Can't wait for the magnus opus directors' magnum opus. RanDeepYanka combo looking on point on every level. ;)

  14. Awesome! Especially the last scene.

  15. Sanjay was Art Director….so he knows how to build a beautiful set. N I have trust in his name. Bollywood always try to make natural shoots except required. 

  16. Deepika Padukone looking bold and beautiful

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