Balkan War – World War 3 [ Simulator ]


Balkan War – World War 3 [ Simulator ]


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  1. Un video fain in acest video am văzut cum să au făcut din nou România Mare !!! TRĂIASCĂ ROMÂNIA !!! TRĂIASCĂ ROMÂNIA MARE !!!

  2. Fuck you ! Bulgaria would win a war vs. Serbia or Rumania!

  3. Czechoslovakia dont exist … :D

  4. This is made on paint ;D ahahahaha

  5. OnboardGamer says:

    lol extrem de nerealist. pana si armata republici moldova ar ocupa unGAYria in maxim 3 zile…sa fim seriosi. Un scenariu mai plauzibil ar fi: Romania se uneste cu moldova, apoi formeaza dinou mica antanta ( alianta Serbia-Romania ). Serbia porneste o campanie militara in kosovo iar romania in bulgaria (pt. a recupera cadrilaterul), in cateva zile deja il anexam, bulgaria are o ramata foarte proasta. Dupa acea, armata romana porneste o campanie militara in ungaria, pt. a recupera campia panonica, facand executii masive printre civili unguri. Dupa anexarea ungariei si impartirea bulgariei cu serbia…urmatorul front va fi cel de Est, pentru o glorioasa expansiune! :D

  6. this is a gypsies dream …or maybe gays …whatever it is is BOLLOX !!!

  7. Greece would have never lost to albania and serbia Bulgaria and Greece could beat all the balkans combined and even Greece alone with the strongest army in Balkans

  8. asta nu e nici macar roman .. o vezi pe trililulu (nu cred ca am zis bine ) si ala avea la descrie pe romaneste.. asta a copiat-o !
    (cu Youtube cumva)

  9. The Dardans says:

    You started with wrong map beacuse there wasn't Kosovo but still finished with some realsitic ideas..

  10. inposible Bulgaria has the biggest and hightly equiped army in the balkans

  11. royal ktiv club Greece and Serbia are orthodox brothers idiottttttt omg dont make anymore war videos u are a kid

  12. How the fuck did albania expand they are very poor

  13. Bulgarian BG says:

    Lol All want Bulgarian land?! But sorry wich city in Bulgaria have serbians or romanians???

  14. That is the most un-realistic scenario i've ever seen…

    Greece would allie with Serbia-Boulgaria and together we would defeat Albania-FYROM.

    If Turkey makes the mistake and enter the war to help Albania it is 100% that Great Russia is going to destroy Turkey in a matter of hours.

    But even if russia dont enter the war Armenia will be.

    So Turkey will be fighting in front and she will be invaded by the Armenia from the back.

  15. this map is perfect but serbia shouldbe two times smaller and albania bigger

  16. If Turkey can find a chance (powerful western states are stoping to turks today) Turks can retake untill Hungary easly

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