Banksters, Gangsters & the New World Order | Federal Reserve Documentary


Reupload: The audio at the end of my previous upload was ruined somehow. Please re-like and re-share this basic information that is still completely necessary.


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  1. Phill Faile says:

    This is bullshit…. You think that your laws from the 1700s still counts.

  2. jew world order. jewish ritual; 9/11. 50 names of god. 50th cabal gate; income. 9/11=504/616. 616+50=666. pythagoras 345=50; 3*3+4*4+5*5=50. 616+345=961-50=911. the jewish terror war.

  3. F3thinker ! says:

    Plan….Root…..we must get to this point…………..Order. Money the root of all Evil ! It has the World now on its knees. Talk about a Plan. How can anyone defeat this machinery that is oiled and fine tuned to PERFECTION ! It passes from one generation to the next. No dissent they all run with this Baton of OUR demise. The Essence of this driving force confounds me, it is Untouchable and infallible. We are so Fucked, to think anything other is Absurd. They are now the beating HEART of this World.


  4. This is one of my favorite videos. Thank you for repost!

  5. corey leroux says:

    is this the world you want you kids to live in ???????

  6. Landdar says:

    in October the whole internet will be handed over to the UN and they boot you off the internet if you don't play by there rules welcome to tyranny

  7. CH D says:

    This is a rip off against society in a whole.

  8. CH D says:

    This is why they want everyone in debt…especially the young. To trap them into 5he new system.

  9. Rick Perry says:

    There is only one way out, His name is JESUS!

  10. Nick Becker says:

    your rap at the end is fucking AMAZING

  11. its very scary to welcome the truth. .. but I, Thank You.

  12. oneagentfrog says:

    George Carlin was one of the greatest American philosophers.

  13. Joe G says:

    i want that machine lmfao

  14. OK if it weren't for yr flat earth shit…I'd have believed each word putta ur mouth

  15. we have a noble universal human rights IDEA to expose and depose international jesuit bankers from global commerce today. however, humanity must repent (turn away) from unlawful imf globalization policies, which is based off voluntary compliance or implied consent, to diplomatically stand up for a new political status as a private diplomat humanitarian.

    there is a declaration for human rights defenders at the UN, which state that anyone can become a human rights defender (private diplomat), in our wonderful modern world of social democracy (political choices), if they repent (turn away from constitutional debt bondage).

    if we truly are all equal and politically free human beings, then why should any human being have to surrender to an unlawful jesuit law society based off international fraud and apostasy?

    why not exercise our universal human rights in collective security (all for one Kristos & one Kristos for all) under international human rights law, so that we can diplomatically charge international jesuit bankers for identitfy theft and fraud?

    as more people come to discover that universal human rights law is under international jurisdiction, whereas as constitutional jesuit policies based off fraud, are created to uphold inequal positions, which is a human rights violation, we will orchestrate an intellectual cultural political evolution within a day.

    do not fret these human rights violator (jesuit bankers) in this time, as these things must occur, so that the man (vicar [ope) of nternational lawlessness can be defined

  16. Jason Janes says:

    Another great video from ODD.

  17. TheLobomao says:

    BEST INTRO VIDEO EVER SEEN ^__~ Good job & God bless

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