Banned Disney UFO Documentary – Unedited – Alien Encounters


This film was shown only once, and with no advance notice on stations in only five US cities. The original Michael Eisner intro hit me right in the nostalgia.


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  1. Everyone knows that all the alien ships exist only in the coastal ocean and big lake waters in order to hide. In fact, there is actual poof of a hive of alien ships located in the deep water trench that exists between the coast of LA/Santa Barbara and Catalina. Roswell/Shmoswell, eh, its just a huge distraction to get you to keep your noses away from our oceans and deep lakes.

  2. Look up the year 1995 on wiki and scroll down to check out what happened that year and you will see how disney is used as a mass distraction to the public. WTO, denver international airport, patriot council was arrested for making Ricin, yahoo, Jenny Jones has episode where gay man tells straight friend that he is gay and wants more out of their friendship and ends up being killed several days after by that friend, the oklahoma city bombing, chechen war starts. And when youre done with 95 read the shit that happened from 1990-2000. Put together the pieces people.

  3. 39:13 if you pause the vidio you can see in the left corner a ufo

  4. This is so cheesy as hell. Im not blind to believe this is stupidity and could he a promotion video to that ride alien encounters at disney land which was so fucking awesome

  5. All i learned is that i need bounty wipes

  6. meh aliens, crap civilisations with shit technology and terrible sense of fashion.

  7. FYI they got rid of the alien exhibit and replaced it with a badass Stark/Iron man one.

  8. Does Dr. Greer know about this video?

  9. Steenk says:

    Mid 90s alien encounters documentaries from a time before YT… Something naive and folkloric about them. Just you and the TV – faceless govermental agencies, somewhere, out there, in the dark, hiding all this secret stuff from us – cough-cough.

  10. Lab Rat says:

    Weeeeeeeee Roswell Roswell Roswell Roswell, Poly wanna cracker!

  11. UK#1 KYKID says:

    I was at Wright Patterson Air Base in Ohio. I had a restricted clearance as a security policeman and building D was off limits to me and other security police who patrol and secure the buildings and all aircraft.

  12. strange mix of stuff. It starts out correctly describing peoples attitudes and the disinformation propaganda but then ends up playing silly "scary" music and shows interviews of abductees that are silly

  13. mia andrews says:

    this was baned since men in black

  14. just fantastic, they showed real documents that, only now, people is seeing that they exist…

  15. playaspec says:

    This video wasn't 'banned'. I was released to coincide with a Disney World ride called "Alien Encounters" which was a complete FLOP. This video even has an IMDB entry. This is nothing more than clever PR.

  16. government stole their technology & are steadily having mind-controlled clones to test them on Earth! the real aliens come every once n a while! but when they do, they are rarely noticed!

  17. I'm still trying to wrap my mind behind the Goofy/ Pluto quagmire. why does one drive and talk and wear pants? until this is easily explained I'm unable to move beyond this to entertain Aliens. And why Justin Beibers mom carried to term and why Republicans every four years think the evil democrats will outlaw guns. I'm not getting any younger I wonder why it never happens. Political suicide prevents that from happening so breath easy.

  18. A mother ship could hover over Washington D.C. and even then it will be a freaking weather balloon or flares.. Wish something could eclipse Roswell. God not one more story on this place. I'm a believer but I can't take Roswell/Rendelsheim stories no more. lol

  19. Glfr 53916 says:

    Um what did I just watch. Disney knows something we don't

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