Banned Documentaries – Episode 1: The Hillary Files


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  1. POLL930 says:

    Hillary is not important anymore. She is just tip of the iceberg.

  2. robert byers says:

    Hillary has but a short while left to hatch her evil plans for the world;WHY?because the lord jesus Christ is getting ready to make his return and whe he comes then Hillary will be sent to hell where she belongs;The end time is here so don't delay pray for forgiveness of sins unto jesus and you shalt be saved,praise god amen.

  3. ABDULLAH J says:

    It is all fake stories and made up to unfamous the next great lady president of the US. These people whose are talking do not care the life of US citizens and want war and also they are against universal health care for the US citizens.

  4. America… For fuck sake put this clown in prison

  5. When is all this crap going to stop? IF the Clintons were the big bad criminals you freaks claim they are, they'd be UNDER a prison cell so far someone would have to pump them sunlight.

  6. D Dingus says:

    oh boy. our options are Trump or Clinton…really? where did we go wrong.? didn't she try to steal all the furniture and stuff from the Whitehouse when her and Bill had to leave….??

  7. white people talking bout white people ?

  8. I have faith in the american women not to vote for her. Im tired of all the brain washing that women in usa are so stupid that they believe hillary represents women when she dont at all. I believe our women are just as intelligent as our men and believe all races of our women will not vote for hillary just because she is a woman, I believe they wont vote for her at all anyone but hillary. Bozo the clown would make a better president than hillary lol

  9. R OB says:

    what a load of right wing nonsense

  10. JoshuaSr33 says:

    Bill Clinton probably had Lewinsky suck him off to get caught, then to expose Hillary, in that he ran and got the Commander & Cheifs chair to get her in the Whitehouse…….

    That wouldn't surprise me at all. lmfao!!

  11. Yes America, and what have you done about the lies and law breaking of Hillary Clinton, and how come I do one of those things andbyou lock me up and throw awaybthe key,"The land of liberty and freedom," What a total load of bullshit, America is about as free and liberty minded as snake is to its prey

  12. Simon M says:

    If the power that be (Rothchilds) want her in she'll get in!

  13. Leslie Cole says:

    Hello Everyone! What a crock, this Husband and wife tag team is outrageous! OMG, what will we do if or when she gets elected? Trump is dangerous! Is there a third candidate? No one speaks the truth anymore and how much money and power can one get? "you can't take it when You go", what choices did they give us? And with this kind of choices who need to vote!

  14. Indy Nana says:

    This "driven" creature – this power hungry, ruthless and greedy woman is NOT going to leave her fate and her future in the hands of the voting population! She has this election set and the votes already counted! Voter Fraud at its best! DO not ever think she is going to simply let the lowly voters decide her fate! CORRUPT to her core – she is NOT going to let YOU decide!

  15. And look at the further scandal and deaths Hillary Clinton has wrought since the making of this documentary.

  16. Lyle LaFee says:

    This women was sired by the Devil himself,she destroyed anything or anyone in her path,for anyone who votes for this daughter of Satan really should see a Doctor or just commit them selves and beg for help Why someone did not shot her is beyond me she destroyed any women who had sex with Bill. She is driven only by power God help us if she is elected !

  17. Only an absolute fool would vote for this heinous woman.

    She is corrupt as HELL.

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