Barack Hussein Obama: Manchurian Candidate And Trojan Horse, Warmonger And Deceiver


New Age Nero Plays Golf And Vacations While The World LITERALLY Burns

Let’s get something out of the way for all the partisan readers and Obamabots who will NOT like this graphic portrayal of the current US President.

George W. Bush was perhaps the worst president in US History.  His eight year term in office clearly marked a new low point in American history.  By unlawfully and deceitfully invading both Iraq and Afghanistan, he set the entire world on a course toward World War III.  His entirely bogus War On Terror was as contrived as it was an ongoing policy of state-sponsored terrorism against the non-white, non-Christian world.

In the end, W. Bush will be known as the occupant of the White House who triggered the real Clash of Civilizations after outright stealing two national elections.  So determined were the Neo-Cons to push the world into a WWIII scenario that they found in George W.Bush a mean-spirited, narrow-minded and self-absorbed individual who could be easily manipulated into doing just about anything Dick Cheney et al. told him to do.

Oh, yes, one last thing — and it represents a HUGE difference between George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.  Please forgive our candor but the following short exposition is quite purposeful in making an extremely important point.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 12.02.30 PM As follows:

Everyone knew deep down inside that W. Bush was unfit for presidential duty and quite a dangerous dolt.

He, himself, knew he was a dunderhead.

We all knew he was a dunderhead.

The entire world knew he was a dunderhead.

He knew that we knew, that he was a dunderhead.

We knew that he knew, that he was a dunderhead.

And so on and so on … … …

What’s the point?

W. Bush was really only being himself … which is exactly why they selected him to push the planet into a never-ending War on Terror. 

He clearly possessed all the qualities of someone who would think nothing of destroying whole nations.  In this way, he was the perfect dupe in which his blatant prejudices, stunning ignorance and complete lack of compassion could be used to kill and torture perceived enemies the world over.  By publicly declaring an Axis of Evil out there in his world of boogeymen, he failed to realize that it was the USA, UK and Israel which constituted the real Axis of Evil.

Is it now clear that we have no political alignment with either left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican?!

Now let’s shine the spotlight on Barack Obama.  Here’s a guy who was pushed onto a different world stage as the bringer of ‘Hope and Change’ in the midst of the terrible despair and depression brought about by W.  Obama cajoled and bamboozled us, conned and beguiled us (not the whole US, but many).  His is an ongoing act of extraordinary deceit and deception. To those who had eyes to see and ears to hear, however, he was an obvious charlatan.  And every move he has made since his first inauguration has corroborated these quite hapless observations … which are especially unfortunate for the American people!

What’s the point?

On the face of it W. Bush was not the shrewd deceiver that Obama has been from the very start.  W was a cheat; he faked his Christianity, he boldly stole two elections in broad daylight; he allowed himself to be played by his controllers at every turn.  However, he was completely transparent in all of this unseemly and sordid presidential behavior.  In a word, he was a great embarrassment to his country and throughout the whole community of nations.

Obama, on the other hand, presented himself as a peacemaker, and advocate for a new global order marked by brotherhood and harmony.  He was also presented by his handlers as a happy go lucky kind of guy, always smiling his big toothy smile as though he just won his high school class presidency.  Never a care, never a worry in the world, all the while his policies and lack thereof are substantially contributing to the very demise of civil society.  When he’s not tearing apart the moral  fabric of society at home, he’s destroying defenseless nations large and small on the sly with his CIA, NSA DIA agents implementing their incessant psyops and/or blackops.


Obama also shamelessly accepted a Nobel Peace Prize that he never deserved; never earned in any way.  On the contrary, he not only intensified the criminal and barbaric CIA drone assassination program, he has literally restarted the Cold War with Russia.  Only because Russia has taken the right side in so many other raging conflicts around the planet, Obama has reacted by actually transforming the newly revived Cold War into a very Hot War.

As a matter of fact, through his actions and inactions, as well as the by initiatives taken by many of the czars throughout his Adminstration, Obama has successfully brought the world right to the brink of World War III.  Something W didn’t even do.

How do you spell D E C E P T I O N ?!   We spell it: O B A M A.

How does a Noble Peace Prize (NPP) winner send his State Department Undersecetary and CIA Director to Kiev with the explicit purpose of executing a full blown coup d’état and then sleep with the NPP trophy under his pillow at night?

How does Obama then back a murderous and illegitimate, Neo-Nazi and Fascist government in Kiev that has turned the full force of its military on civilian populations all over the Eastern Ukraine?

How does the president of the United States of America then do everything in his power to deny urgent and desperately needed humanitarian aid to the same civilians who have been shellshocked back into the stone Age?

Not a pretty picture at all.  The peace-loving world is now mortified on a daily basis by the leadership (and lack thereof) of this Nobel-awarded president.

Just In Case You Haven’t Been Watching

A sitting USA President starts yet another war on a series of patently false pretexts, and walks around as though he has taken the moral high ground.  All the while Vladimir Putin thoughtfully responds to every bellicose overture and premeditated provocation from the US/UK/EU/NATO Juggernaut, doing his level best to prevent a full blown WWIII from breaking out on his fence line — which is just what the Western Powers have intended to do from the very beginning of this CIA-coordinated, MI6-conceived, MOSSAD-executed black operation.

So successful have they (TPTB*) been at selling war with Obama as their primary pitchman, that even the anti-war left has given up in America.  While the college kids are glued to their smartphones instagramming their latest lewd selfie,  their once ‘fearless’ leader is turning the Military-Industrial Complex loose … just about everywhere on Planet Earth.

*TPTB = The Powers That Be

When’s the last time you saw a real college anti-war protest … anywhere in America?!  Yeah, right, that’s how successful this slick warmonger has thoroughly co-opted the entire peace movement.  Again, how do you spell D E C E I V E R  … of the very highest order.

Where Bush conducted more executions than any other governor in Texas history, Obama has outright murdered more people around the world via drone assassinations — who have not even been convicted of any crime against the USA — than any other president in US history.  All of this lawless and criminal conduct has been conducted in the name of every American citizen, using tax dollars paid by every one of us.

The Ukraine Disaster Exposes The Barry Sotero Imposter Like No Other

Back to Obama’s unparalleled fiasco and blatant deceptions in the Ukraine.  If the American people do not step up to the plate and bring about an immediate end to the flagrant killing of innocents by US proxies and mercenaries operating all over the Eastern Ukraine, this nation will have HELL to pay.

If you haven’t already, take a close look at all the moves and maneuvers that the Obama Administration have taken to thwart a good faith peace process in the Ukraine.  Take a closer look at the number of times they have sabotaged the ceasefires and ended the lulls in fighting.  Each time Kiev did stop shooting was only to let the smoke clear enough in order to determine where next to aim their bigger guns.

Then there was the shoot down of the Malaysian Airliner MH17 by the Ukraine military.  Obama & Company, knowing full well how this false flag operation went down, set to blame Russia and the rebels with obviously fabricated evidence and false testimony.  Throughout the entire MH17 Obama proved himself incapable of telling the truth.  He couldn’t even state the generally known facts around the case … … … to save his own life.

It’s FINAL: Boeing-777 was downed by Ukrainian MiG-29, Romanian expert says

When his lips are moving, he’s lying through his teeth.

Has there ever been an American president who has so consistently spoken with forked tongue to those who inhabit both his domestic reservation, as well as those who live in his offshore ‘colonies’ across the planet.  Obama’s form of Pax Americana is don’t do as I do, but do as I say.  In the Ukraine he has exposed himself for the serial prevaricator and habitual warmonger that he has become.

Every time he has made a pronouncement about the Ukraine conflict or Russia’s role in it, he has done nothing but spewed known falsehoods and misleading statements.  It’s as though he simply does not know how to tell the truth.  Many a qualified professional, in fact, have labelled his normal speech and speeches, pronouncements and responses as reflecting nothing short of pathological lying.  So much so has this pattern become ingrained in his presidential behavior that even his Democratic stalwarts are abandoning him in droves.

As a constitutional lawyer, this type ongoing contemptible conduct is all the more depraved, dangerous and deplorable.  Because of his contrived air of authority in very weighty constitutional matters now confronting the Republic, he has betrayed so many of his blindly loyal minions.  It is this particular dynamic in particular which is bringing the nation to wreck and ruin.  Especially where it concerns inciting a full scale war with Russia has Obama crossed every single line, never to be trusted again within the realm of international affairs.



Obama needs to be IMPEACHED … as soon as the Republicans take control of the Congress in November.  Obama must be impeached and tried in the Senate for the many high crimes and misdemeanors that he is guilty of, beginning with his posting of a fraudulent birth certificate on an official White House website.

Barack Obama also needs to be tried in the International Criminal Court at The Hague for war crimes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, and Somalia, as well as an accomplice to war crimes in Palestine and the Ukraine, at the very least.  Obama also needs to be held accountable as an accomplice in the commission of  genocide in both Palestine and the Ukraine.  Conspiracy to wage war by proxy and US-paid mercenaries is another obvious crime which has been  perpetrated throughout almost six years of this Administration.

Until the world sees Barack Hussein Obama taking up permanent residence in Leavenworth with a dunce hat upon his head as he sits in the corner of his cell … … …

Michael Thomas
August 23, 2014

Author’s Note:

In that we harbor no political persuasion of any kind, we are able to more objectively and clinically evaluate the person and presidency of Barack Obama.  While we chose to only take up his actions regarding the current war in the Ukraine, we fully acknowledge that there are many other serious instances of criminal conduct, lawlessness and treasonous behavior on his part.  However, more than any other initiative that he has taken on the world stage, it is the Ukraine which lays bare his now transparent perfidy, malfeasance and deception.

The world cannot bear another year of such anarchic and lawless, immoral and depraved ‘leadership’.


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