Barack makes a fool of Michelle in public


I am actually experiencing a new emotion: empathy for Michelle Obama. It’s bad enough when an ordinary husband makes his wife look like a fool in public, but when the husband is the most visible man in America, the sting is all the more intense.

Yesterday, Michelle released the news that she is making a cameo appearance in a video featuring  “a hip-hop song recorded to encourage kids from minority groups to take care of their bodies.” AP via USA Today elaborates:

 Barack makes a fool of Michelle in public

In the video, Mrs. O talks briefly about launching Let’s Move! and people’s doubts about whether it will make a difference. Recently released new research, showing a reduction in obesity rates in some states, suggests the first lady’s exhortations on healthy eating might be having an effect. (snip)

It’s a first-lady first to turn up in a hip-hop video, but it’s not Mrs. Obama’s first brush with musical celebrity. She partnered with Obama fan Beyoncé in 2011 for a collaboration on a Move Your Body workout song for the Let’s Move! campaign.

Quite clearly, Mrs. Obama has invested a great deal of emotion in her campaign to address the  national obesity problem. The hip-hop video is particularly aimed at African-American children, a group which suffers even worse obesity rates than the rest of the American population. I have no doubt that this reality tears at the first lady’s heart, and she really sees a mission for herself in saving children so dear to her from this fate.

I do admire Michelle Obama’s considerable and successful effort to control her own weight through diet and exercise. It cannot be easy, and it is a burden that never ends for those cursed with a body type prone to add weight in visible places. Every day, you have to do the exercise regimen. And every meal, you have to decline those delicious fatty items that seem ubiquitous. It is a struggle, one I know first hand.

So what does her husband do, with the entire world watching? Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner:

It’s only been three days, but President Obama has quickly settled into the vacation diet on Martha’s Vineyard. But don’t tell the first lady.

During a rainy day on Tuesday, he traveled to Nancy’s in scenic Oak Bluffs for a fried lunch. According to the pool report: “POTUS’s food order at Nancy’s was fried shrimp, fried oysters, onion rings and french fries.”

Obviously not on the lunch trip was first lady Michelle Obama, the first family’s fitness buff.


Maybe the exciting Martha’s Vineyard social whirl the Obamas experience left them too tired last night to talk over them humiliation inflicted on Michelle. But I doubt very much that she will remain silent very long. She doesn’t seem like the sort of person who successfully bottles up emotions for extended periods.

I can tell you this: I would not want Michelle Obama mad at me. I hope the president doesn’t make any important decisions today

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  1. Adam says:

    Oh, she’s not mad. He’s probably exempt. lol

  2. John Cook says:


  3. It’s an ‘obamanation’ to eat shrimp and oysters fried. But that skinny buck could use some weight. If I was his massa, I’d make sure he’d get some extra cornbread with his meals. But only if he picked an extra bale of cotton every day.

    • doesntmatter says:

      “If I was his massa, I’d make sure he’d get some extra cornbread with his meals. But only if he picked an extra bale of cotton every day.”

      humph…too bad its the other way around o_o

  4. Notime Forbs says:

    The American people need a break….not the First POS. Enough is enough….their azz’s need to be kicked back to Chicago (or some may suggest Kenya).

  5. Ltpar says:

    What a load of crap. Who really cares about how the President’s wife wants him to eat, or what he had for lunch. For crying out loud, give the guy a break. You go to a place that specializes in seafood, you don’t ask for the “rabbit special.” With all the scandals, sorry economy, tanking Obamacare and America sticking it’s nose into the affairs of Egypt, there are more than ample topics to write about.

    • Notime Forbs says:

      The American people need a break….not the First POS. Enough is enough….their azz’s need to be kicked back to Chicago (or some may suggest Kenya).

  6. aj weishar says:

    Another example of making news out of nothing. The author is way off base on this one, assuming the meal of breaded fresh fish was an attempt to offend the first lady. Ignore the fact that fresh seafood is one of the attractions of a Cape Cod vacation. Ignore the term vacation. Ignore the notion of a “cheat meal” for people who eat normal health diets and exercise regularly. I suppose the author will go after Duane Johnson (The Rock) for his slam at the first lady. Just look up Duane Johnson cheat meal and see what a tall, 350 lb. athlete downs on his off day.

  7. doesntmatter says:

    whoever wrote this article needs to retire o_o….period. this is the most asinine story I have read in a while, and sounds like someone needs to get a new idol to worship, smh. first of all, obesity has NEVER been a problem back in the day before our food sources became infiltrated with all sorts of poisons….so STOP making it seem like “it is a burden that never ends for those cursed with a body type prone to add weight in visible places”, because if they refrained from eating the obvious fattening poisons, and got the proper activity needed for daily healthy living, it wouldn’t be an issue….”body type” my azz, smh.

    second of all, if the flotus was so concerned about “healthy diets and eating”, then why in the hell is she supporting a man who is determined to have every home garden ripped from the ground?? GTFOH you perpetrating azz hats.

    third of all, the potus is the size of a stick bug, smells like a stick bug, walks like one, thinks like one, and NEEDS to eat so that he cant be easily crushed like one….GIVE THE MAN SOME FRIED FOOD ALREADY!!!!! *sigh*

  8. 5 War Veteran says:

    I bet he would not do that to his gay boyfriend Mr. Reggie Love.

  9. charles allan says:

    It is sugar and sweeteners which causes the fatness in america. The sweeteners poison the body and interfere with insulin regulation – google “sweeteners are poison” The sugared soda drinks never satisfy carb cravings. Eating good animal fat and good olive oil is essential to lose weight and diet cravings. My mother never threw out animal fat and lard – we bought lard for soups and frying – she lived to 96 years and never exercised. Have a full breakfast of eggs and fried herring – cooked with lard or olive oil – this will keep your appetite satisfied all day and you will have energy not that horrible empty feeling in your stomach. Eat plenty of vegetables cooked or raw. Avoid all GMO foods like soya and corn. Fat is not unhealthy especially the cholesterol in eggs which is essential for life. Salt to taste – it is the highest requirement of any mineral – there is none in unprocessed food – only processed food has salt added. A lack of salt will give you an uncontrolled appetite as your body searches for this mineral.
    A Ist WW1 veteran who lived to well over 100 years and was slim and dapper with a clear mind
    was asked his health secret – he started every day with a full english breakfast .
    Eat wholefoods only – not processed with poisonous additives – eat organic if you have the money – avoid cereals- they are sugary GMO junk full of additives.
    Lots of exercise which is a painful boring idolatry will not be necessary except for nice walks and washing the car etc. If you want to build muscle 5 minutes of isometrics is all you need.
    See the old pictures of slim healthy americans (black and white)- they would never throw out fat which does not involve insulin and gives one immediate energy. Avoid vitamins etc – they are mostly dead chemicals although they can look the same under the microscope they are not – extracts from living foods might be OK but why not eat a fish instead of a capsule.

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