Barack Obama and Putin prepare for World War at G20


In today͛s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV covers the G20 meeting and the prospect of World War 3. Subscribe On Demand! …


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  1. @amtv what about Jill Stein

  2. buttcrack obozo insane

  3. Bullshit. If we were about to get in a war, we wouldn't have 20,000 Russian troops on our soil training on our equipment and learning English.

  4. spot on chris thank fuck you have got the balls to call it like it is, america started this crapp in ukraine it wasnt putin. keep up the good work cheers from australia

  5. good old Jewtube sensoring everything again isreal is the new nazi germany now controlling all media

  6. TREX LEX says:

    what a joke is this news or just vomit in vomit out.

  7. umaid619 says:

    i liked it better when you were standing up lol

  8. karma bad says:

    never seen your channel before.. you just scored a sub my friend.. nice vid

  9. Tim Jones says:

    Putin is Obama's case officer.

  10. stigonutube says:

    best way is not to read mainstream war mongering world news as it's propaganda to prep the people of usa+allies to go to war and what for?, it gonna be all about turkey allies with russia, turkey possible exit from NATO, this is where the tea is brewing.
    look what happened in iraq, "weapons of mass destruction" hmm lies proven lies.

  11. m8 u mite worry people

  12. CplSki USMC says:

    "Is Putin preparing for war with the west?" Putin is preparing to defend Russia from the west. The haunting history of WWII is not lost on the Russian people. They learned a hard and bloody lesson about being unprepared and they won't let it happen again. Western governments are clearly the aggressors and Russia's buildup is a defensive move and a smart one. I don't trust my own American government, why should Putin?

  13. Christopher Greene presents himself as an intelligent interpreter of the news but is FOR Trump? Trump is an exhibitionist transparently building up his 'brand'. He has a half minute attention span and speaks in one liners. If he thought a foreign leader had snubbed him he'd drop the bomb on them. Putin being for Trump is because he knows this would cause the internal disintegration of the US. What a disappointment.

  14. jivkogg says:

    I think they are ready, you guys have to prepare 😉 stock some food cans :-D

  15. Unless you are blind or die-hard optmistic, that look means war

  16. cool guy says:

    its crazy how the astates lie to their people so directly.
    Fuck the USA, Israel and anyone affiliated

  17. Jack o says:

    I hope Putin knows that most patriotic Americans are BEGGING for him to backhand people like Obama and Hillary. Obama and Hillary, in NO way speak for me, nor anyone I know around me. People everywhere, and I mean everywhere, HATE these scumbags. The jig is up, the bitter clingers gotta let it go. that's what you get for voting because of your party, not your beliefs. gotta listen, if you don't know who to vote for, don't vote. that simple. if you cant back up why you are voting, OTHER than "to stop so and so" you need to do a little research.

  18. Larry DeWein says:

    Sorry, you need to do a LOT more research on Putin! I like Putin!! He is standing up for the Russian people and HE IS NOT PREPARING FOR WAR! You've believed and been duped by the vary people that are suppressing you. Putin is TRYING TO PREVENT WAR. Again, listen to his speeches and the questions asked about Russia's intentions.

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