Barbie’s Baby Part 4 – The Arrival


Barbie’s about to have the baby, and Ken is ready to take Barbie to the hospital You can follow me here: Instagram: …


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  1. that was not bad

  2. Me and my sister like this video

  3. We love the baby

  4. Goooooooooooooooooooooooood

  5. I like this video but you know it does not take that long to have a baby

  6. what is the same ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????

  7. Zaire Leigh says:

    she's pregnant♥

  8. hi my name is Isabelle I love your videos. bye

  9. me en canta tus programas??

  10. We love this video! you are the best doll youtuber ever!

  11. jajaja pues jenial ??❤❤

  12. Kaleo Maya says:

    HAHAHAHA LOL he is crazy after that he did not listen to them

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