Barn Owl Chick Hatches – Super Powered Owls – BBC


Lloyd and Rose are expecting two new arrivals to look after and the first of them is ready to hatch… Taken from Super Powered Owls. Subscribe to BBC Earth: …


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  1. khanh nguyen says:

    BIRD!… get it because im the third comment.. so i inserted 'b' instead of 'th' because the video.. is about owls which are birds…
    get it?

  2. Wow its beautiful

  3. LibbyP05 says:

    6 th. Yay those birds are so cute

  4. Why dependent on them and not their parents?

  5. Jurassic Park to the core! Hahah

  6. R& M says:

    Relationship goals!! I love birdies ??

  7. Jupiter says:

    That was wonderful. It's amazing to see them grow.

  8. Can't wait to see how they have become.

  9. I have the super barn owl ,any information that you need about the super brain owl, I have it.

  10. MitoGirl12 says:

    Can you do another video with them please. I wish you do longer videos I want to see how they grow and other stuff

  11. Beng George says:

    Where can I watch the full episode?

  12. Beng George says:

    Where can I watch the full episode?

  13. Danaa says:

    i want one

  14. Luigi Conder says:

    Wonderful !!!!!!!

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