Battle Rapper, Daylyt Says Mumble Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert is the Devil – Illuminati EXPOSED


Battle Rapper, Daylyt Says Mumble Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert is the Devil / Lucifer – ILLUMINATI EXPOSED || Baphomet / Satanism in Hip-Hop || Mumble Rapper, Lil …


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  1. who knew the devil was bout 4'9

  2. MK says:

    real niggas know his name has vertical because the nigga is going up and he knew he was gonna go up that nigga daylyt is on some shit

  3. adrian alan says:

    crying this the dumbest shit

  4. but think about it lucifer was an angel before evil THEN he changed his name to Satan.

  5. it could be a coincidence but im tired of this illuminati shit.Everydamn day people are. being killed or put in conspiracies to scare people and its driving me nuts

  6. Stop putting peoples names in yall mouth and let people enjoy life with music

  7. yall keep doing these conspiracies on people, pretty soon there wont be any hip hop left and if 2pac was still alive this shit would have been deleted. all of it

  8. yall trynna turn social media into something its not.

  9. Us as youtubers are so sick of being bothered with this bullshit you gone give us heartattacks and nervous breakdowns talking qbout this shit

  10. Satan only exist for one reason as a reminder to always obey the rules so we can go to heaven with god and Jesus

  11. the dance video was either played backwards or fast forwared on 1.2

  12. instead of trying to use the music and fame industry as a reason to gain power and clout .Try to use it as a positive impact on how it can help your life

  13. despite all the problems going on. If we stop this devil worshiping illuminati shit we can actually learn how to like pepole for who they are

  14. Learn to leave people the fuck alone and post something about your own life

  15. Im done and tired of this bullshit ??????????

  16. As soon as a nigha get Rich and move out the hood he a demon/devil worshiper?? GTFOH

  17. KoimaLechoN says:

    I love this vid some a grade coonery for sure

  18. boi its clear this shit is hatin ass nigga shit how is he a devil nigga hes fuckin dancin. n he explains his name all the fucking time wtf do u mean hes possed ur fucking hater tf off the internet man godamn this is trash asf

  19. daylyt is a troll but I been said lil uzi vert is a clever way of saying lucifer

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