Battlefield 1 HYPE! World War 1


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  1. Cyka Blyat says:

    i just want a ww1 cod no "sooper dooper fish of cod of doody ayyleeyen moude deeyeelceee"

  2. It's funny when he talks about suicide horses and vehicles when terrorists and middle eastern fighters and such do this all the time!!! People are very ignorant about that style of fighting and WW1, their ignorance shows when they try to talk about WW1!!!!

  3. Keegan Kassa says:

    It's World War 2, but whatever. I'M HYPE EITHER WAYYYYYY.

  4. rip call of duty

  5. i hope to meet you on the battlefield in the open beta jahova cuz im gonna be playing the hell out of that game

  6. Huple's Cat says:

    The seven nation army remix was fucking dope

  7. As far as graphic goes it would be f'in amazing… photogeometry, frostbite 3 engine… over the top stuff… and if u know battlefront 3 it uses the same tech this game will, so it would be the same graphicvise, or even better, i wont be suprised. So this game looks like my first preorder:D

  8. They did show actual gameplay in the trailer. That moment the gas went off.

  9. Tim Beckers says:

    makes me wanna play medal of honour again

  10. I can't wait to run through the trenches with a trench gun and a club.

  11. MyDrPepper13 says:

    Satchel charge horses?

  12. Can't wait for it either. Good shit. I'm hoping that it's super successful and that it spawns more older style shooters again. And by older style…maybe Korea, Vietnam, WW2, Civil War?…(no not Marvel)

  13. lani says:

    WW1 1914-1919

  14. Jordan Coull says:

    Jehovah, WW1 lasted from 1914-1918 due to an assassination of a austro-hungarian Duke Named Franz Ferdinand, and austro-hungary declared war on Serbia (The place where he was assassinated) and Russia declared war on Austria, and Germany declared war on Russia, who declared war on Germany and France declared war on Germany, and Germany activated the schlifeen plan, where they went trough Belgium, that got Britain in the war, and later in the war in 1917 Germany attacked american shipping that got america in the war, but they only landed in France in 1918… Quick History Lesson!

  15. in the original trailer

  16. Omg that guy has a club!! Um.. no it was a obviously a freaking shovel. And it was a dirigible not a blimp. Blimps are very small while dirigibles are several times larger

  17. ArcadeGames says:

    Battlefield 10,000 B.C. confirmed.

  18. i just want to see that "Red Tails" kinda thing in it,i love that movie <3

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