BBC Asteroid Impact Simulation – End Of The World Predictions


In this end of the world prediction video, we are going to show what will happen when an asteroid with a diameter of 500 KM hits the earth. As you will see from …


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  1. Rocky Luke says:

    if it happens we all going to Mars? ??

  2. RayZ slayer says:

    Reminds me of when the I'm taking a shit including the music

  3. Alec Bona says:

    Blame Sephiroth

  4. theres this same video to pink floyd music

  5. Ivan Garcia says:

    When will this happen?

  6. I will go to other planets to make a shelter

  7. Ali Novruz says:

    Will donald trumps wall still be here?

  8. pretty kitty says:

    florida is last place to die yay! i live there. right in pin point! near everglades and miami

  9. Chopped up just a bit…………….

  10. Kael 93 says:

    well look at the bright side if it falls on to you, you die instanly

  11. Kael 93 says:

    all of human history for nothing

    "well thats conferring"

  12. HET AAPIE says:

    1:02 the moon is saying fuck you

  13. HET AAPIE says:

    This is why i never take a shit

  14. this is going to happen in 5 billion years

  15. Lord Waffle says:

    RIP humans 100,000 BCE-2016

  16. Johnny Space says:

    Would love to see the weather forecast for that day.

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