BBC ‘biased coverage’ of Gaza slammed


Protesters have gathered outside the headquarters of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Scotland to protest ‘biased coverage’ of Israel’s atrocities in Gaza, Press TV reports.

During the protest in Glasgow, demonstrators held a minute of silence in honor of those killed during Israeli attacks on the coastal sliver.

BBC ‘biased coverage’ of Gaza slammed

In other rallies held in Glasgow and Edinburgh, protesters brandished placards with the names of Palestinian children murdered during Israel’s ongoing aggression against Gaza.

Press TV reports the protesters as chanting “Free Free Palestine.”

Protesters also gathered signatures for an open letter to the Scottish government, urging a boycott against Israel.

Over the last few days, similar protests have been held all over the world to show solidarity with the people of Gaza.

In Paris on Monday, police fired teargas to disperse demonstrators who threw projectiles at officers. Thousands of people attended another rally in the French city of Lille. Protesters described the Israeli raids as disproportionate and against the civilian population.

Similar protests were held in Iran, India, the US, Tunisia, Italy, Pakistan and Indonesia.

On Monday, Palestinian officials said at least three people including a woman were killed on the seventh day of Israeli airstrikes on Monday. Two of the victims died of injuries sustained in the air raids on Sunday.

The latest deaths bring the number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli bombardment to 184. Latest figures show over 1,270 others have been also injured in the ongoing Israeli assaults.

Gazan homes, mosques and schools are also being targeted by the Israeli army operations. According to the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights, more than three-quarters of the victims are civilians.


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