BBC News Russian and Chinese Warships spotted off East and West Coast of America 2015


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  1. Krusty Sock says:

    If the US military is the best in the world. Why do they always turn to Britain when they need to win a war ? When this guy talks about quantity over quality, he's talking about the US army. Check your history, and see how many wars the US have won lol.

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  3. J-Me says:

    This seems odd to me. This is on BBC Documentaries, with no commentary from anyone at the BBC. I've seen these clips on other youtube channels. What gives?

  4. Rachel K says:

    What's with the dumb music??

  5. philthy122 says:

    Ummm ok, 1 minute in and I'm going to call the maker of this vid a paranoid nut job. In the first clip "Chinese naval ships have been spotted in the Bering Sea" Which is for the most part international water, they can be there without permission from the US, just as the extremely large US naval fleets can go where ever they please in international waters, utter non-news. Next Russian sub that "went past Florida" and was somewhere off Cuba, this is a combo for a non-news story and a case of so fucken what, American Subs are out there doing exactly the same. But the real neon sign of nutjobbery was the "blood Moon" bit in the middle of the two clips. Which, before I finish watching this drivel, would indicate that you are and end time religious wank stain.

  6. I can tell the channel owner is likely too young to remember the cold war. This wouldn't even be news in the 80's.

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