Beard World Order: Episode 04 – World War 3


The Beard World Order hosted by Guillermo Jimenez and James Corbett. Guest: Pearse Redmond Episode 04: World War 3 Show Notes: …


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  1. muzzleray says:

    it's the Three Must Have Beards, (Musketeers)

  2. greenback001 says:

    If you look at the possibility of WWIII through the lens of business agenda you will arrive to obvious conclusions: there won't be a new world war similar to previous world wars but we will have more intensity of the status quo, currency wars, psyop wars, culture/religious wars, puppet regional conflicts. Bit if you look at this from an idealogical perspective then chaos by any means is coming our way. If we can understand our common enemy as the agreed upon NWO/business cabal we then need to ask, what drives them? They already have all the money so they must be seeking control, total control. This is a Luciferian belief system. I would love to hear an analysis of what we can expect from a luciferian enemy. The other day Kissinger wrote an OpEd that seems to be sending a message to his compatriots/luciferian. It should raise a new vantage point on what we can expect:

    (please, answer these question as you think our enemy would answer them)

    Kissinger asks Luciferians to answer a number of questions regarding the takeover of world and the enslavement of humanity:

    Q- What do we seek to prevent, no matter how it happens, and if necessary alone?

    A- Christ and Salvation

    Q- What do we seek to achieve, even if not supported by any multilateral effort?

    A- Another day in power to regroup and re-stategize

    Q-What do we seek to achieve, or prevent, only if supported by an alliance?

    A- Global Debt Slavery, or the end of fiat

    Q- What should we not engage in, even if urged on by a multilateral group or an alliance?

    A- Compromise of Luciferian beliefs and values

    Q- What is the nature of the values that we seek to advance?

    A- Deciet, dominance and subjugation

    Q- And how much does the application of these values depend on circumstance?

    A-  Total application

  3. greenback001 says:

    what sort of person would be okay with launching WWIII?

  4. there's profit in any escalation even if there's no battle going on – also don't forget they need a scapegoat for the upcoming bank bail ins agreed to by the G20, they only need a cold war to shift blame for the inevitable dollar collapse.

  5. This is a totally beard video. 🙂

    But, the next war will start in Africa. Now that we have the cure for Ebola, and THEY don't.  ZMapp – see we have to redraw "zee map"…  A proxy war between China and America.

  6. Speaking of marijuana.  I just got through reading Tolkien's four books on the lord of the 20 rings, and isn't it obvious where the pipe-weed 4-20 comes from?  Obviously, Colorado.  Or, middle earth.  🙂   

  7. beardedba says:

    Great to see younger beards thinking through with a lot of investigation; I've followed Corbett for several years (and have been extra pleased he's come over to the Beard Side!) and with Guillermo and James, this indeed is the The Beard World.  Just remember, though:  I've had mine 27 years…LOL

  8. Don't you think perhaps both things are interconnected?

    The possibility of global consciousness awakening being caused exactly by the fear of the possibility of global domination and enslavement?

    Couldn't good and evil be cooperating and working for the same purpose here?

  9. Steve Moyer says:

    The big question in my mind is "What are we ignoring?"

  10. Bart Udell says:

    In their war against insanity would not there have had to have been those who lost on all fronts, Tellurian.

  11. DARPA with their newest toys and a childish desire to play with them, The current Banking system in disarray and the need to cook the books, the ruling elite in a dire mindset to cull the population and to bring about the NWO or P-NAC, is indeed a dangerous cocktail…..particularly when all three converge into one like the Holy Trinity.
    As per discussion the fuse will be lit in some stupid third world country's backyard……since the culling must necessarily be done proportionately more on the non-caucasian races!……The Caucasians had their deaths in the two previous WWars… it is time for browns and blacks to roast!

  12. oOMaWOo says:

    NATO started doing joint exercises in Ukraine, didn't they?
    EDIT: I noticed this happened weeks after the podcast srry =)

  13. GDM Fitness says:

    Joel Skousen also has a good idea about how ww3 will work itself out. 

  14. walterwz says:

    One thing that will be turned lose big time is drone warfare. This will extend to robot tanks and anti personnel systems.

  15. CloneD Anon says:

    These guys forget to mention that ONLY United States & Co. are interested in starting WW3! While China & Russia are doing everything to AVOID to WW3.

    PS. The Nicaraguan canal building will be guarded by the Russian navy as matter of FACT.

  16. Owen W says:

    maybe he meant teletype. when I was in the military I worked on (fixed) teletype systems as well as other crypto-type of equipment systems, e.g. vinson systems, KIT, etc

  17. Owen W says:

    detached but informed

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