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Beauty and the Beast (From “Beauty and the Beast”/Official Video)


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  1. Mari Camino says:

    Jehovah God says that you should only fear him and you'll survive Armageddon. Jehovah is separating the goats from sheep. So, yes it is a good thing. I'm happy that this Satanic world will end. Jehovah is on his promise to bring his perfect world.

  2. Kim Kelly says:

    My kids are 17, 14 and seven. All were excited about this movie. I told them they weren't allowed to see it. I explained a little about why….. How do I approach kids with this? Being a parent in this age is not easy.

  3. I fell into the "take the beast and change him" narrative immediately after sexual abuse by that same person, ending my marriage with someone who I truly loved and respected (because I no longer loved and respected myself, though unconsciously aware of it at this time). It was a PTSD nightmare. He changed ever so slightly, but still remained the same at the core. It took an altered consciousness to let him go. Even in photos, his face would morph into a demon's face.

  4. after her donut licking incident the sane moral person should not support anything this spoiled sell out does. I know we should pray for them but they are taking so many innocent young kids down thier trash. parents watch what your kids watch and thier friends. better yet be a good role model . sounds like common sense …yet common sense is not that common anymore

  5. loving your channel already!

  6. And the award for best song of 2017 goes to… …. Tranny and the Beast!

  7. Beauty and the Beast? Exactly, a young girl and a goat falling in love? Like the church lady used to say, it sounds like " Satan".

  8. Amber Dawn says:

    You expected it to be clean because it came out by netflix? It is astounding, netflix has turned into coming out with some of the most evil movies and shows. So done with all that, I've had enough. Thank you for your info and awareness though.

  9. Please share a video on the Bill SB18 from California. I am freaking out, I really want to keep my son out of school but with this new possible bill I don't know what will happen. The government should NOT decide whether or not we should send our kids to school. Again Paul, thank you so much for your information. I also want to give away all the Disney movies we have. All this is getting out of control.

  10. I watched that movie too.. and it was horrible!

  11. I saw Beauty and the Beast as a metaphor for progression through the mystery religions or Freemasonry. Belle is Isis (Freemasonry). The beast is the initiate. That's just my interpretation.

  12. Lisa Love says:

    I'm a good mother 🙂

  13. Neil A says:

    Jesus is the answer Paul, not some woman. You said it yourself, there aren't many good ones around. And one is supposed to rise up and transform the hearts of the world? LOL When in history have ever seen anything of the sort? They will tell you themselves, well behaved women rarely make history. You can deny Jesus if you choose, but please let go of that fantasy. And I mean this with respect. The rest of the video was spot on, in my opinion.

  14. Many people don't realize the butterfly has two meanings. It is monarch mind control and definitely the Tranny symbol. This makes sense with Baphomet in Hollywood. At the end of this we will see some who were the convincing trannies in Hollywood and porn that fooled a lot of people.

  15. I too enjoy listening to your videos, very informative and well put together…too teach us something.
    May The Lord God Bless you! 🙂

  16. I too enjoy listening to your videos, very informative and put together. too teach us something.
    May The Lord God Bless you! 🙂

  17. Chris Jones says:

    hey thanks for your videos God Bless you brother! ?

  18. Thank you, Paul. 🙂

  19. dj Carrera says:

    sigil to the left of the pyramid is the sigil of Satan

  20. Samod Amir says:

    The beast been here the evidence is all there right in front of you ladies and gentleman

  21. Melani anne says:

    For more insight on Ariana grande, her cousin does the show "haters back off". I've seen illuminati agenda themes on that show. Also, the cousin, Coleen does a ton of YouTube videos that are sometimes downright disturbing. In one she titles the video cutting up toys or something, and the first thing she does is flips a Barbie on its head and starts sawing it in half from the private area. It was so freaking weird.

  22. Zahra 313 says:

    100% true @ bad guy your spot on my life was more then ruined I use to think I couldn't ever be with a normal person I was always attacking heroine addicts while I don't even do drugs. Thumbs up on this video!

  23. Fit Lotus says:

    You're my favorite YouTuber. Down to earth and a clear mind. God bless.

  24. J. I. Lacdan says:

    The Beauty and Beast logo, like the Walt Disney logo shows a "666" hidden in the letters. The light waves around Ariana the beginning appear to be making 6s too. And then there are the satanic red robed figures as well as Ariana also dressed in red. Ariana also has admitted to being tormented by inner demons and she grew up dark and deranged. Her mom is quoted as saying she thought Ariana would grow up to be a "serial killer."

  25. Truth Reigns says:

    and ppl are defending Disney like he was good and this new modern Disney is bad. he's always been a satanic freemason. their ignorance is why the world is the way it is.

  26. The truth is that many women fall in love with a guy who is not the best for them… The "bad boy", though he may not be evil… is loved

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