Behind Egypt´s uprising



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  1. The top of the Pyramid wants to ensure that they will control humanity.The last step to enslave people has already begun.They change their "leaders" all around the world for that.The problem is that no peoples have ever fought,but few "puppets".They have been a show on TV.They give the "food" to civilians to vote others.
    Συγχαρητήρια Ελληνόψυχε.Πρέπει να καταλάβει ο κόσμος πως πρέπει να αντιδρά όταν χρειάζεται και όχι όταν το δείχνει η τηλεόραση.

  2. akis peter says:

    μπραβο βρε Ελληνοψυχε.ΠΟΛΥ ΚΑΛΟ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ.

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