Benjamin Fulford March 4th, 2016 World War III update


The White Dragon Society has put out an update by Benjamin Fulford on the current state of the secret battle for the planet earth. In order to raise funds to pay …


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  1. soultantra says:

    Thanks Ben….. could you please give some info on the British…and how we take them down… it is a nazi state oligarchy here.. and the Tories no doubt with HRH demanding… are destroying the UK population. We need help and hardly any info on them..when it is USA all the time!!! Please help us know who and how we can expose the evil here. Thanks for all your work xxx

  2. vasudama says:

    Brilliant update.

  3. Thank you very much Ben. It's a great message. SwissIndo work for the peace and I KNOW your prediction for a great life will be true soon.


  5. kodelciukas says:

    why increase the human population? Don't we have too many people already? people are eating and polluting the planet, making animals extinct, destroying their habitat, cutting forests… how about stopping that FIRST and ONLY then talk about increasing the population?

    Also he talks about technology. He is not talking about SPIRITUAL growth. technology didn't make for us more free time. we worked as a slaves without technology same amount of time, now we work same amount of time with technology, its just we are more productive, but we are STILL slaves, still busy all the time.

    he sounds like utopia. sounds naive.

    sounds manipulative… promises promises promises… messiah mentality..

    Oh and a little tear drop to make it more emotional…

  6. g77enn1 says:

    The Catholic Inquisition cost reportedly over 75 million lives. One of the richest organizations on earth takes donations from the poorest peasants on the planet. Pedophilia has always been endemic to the church. Nothing has changed except this has started to be publicized. We've only seen the tip of this iceberg so far. Except for its common followers the upper echelons are virtually totally corrupt and needs dismantling.

  7. g77enn1 says:

    ..if he actually has tested for background radiations in dozens of
    places in and around Tokyo, then please, provide specifics about the
    types of counters used, the dates, and the actual readings . You will cause people to die.
    Here on the West Coast of North America our daily background
    radiations are now 20 to 40 times higher than in my first samples in our
    area in 2003. Unlike fulford, i actually own two nuclear decay meters,
    and have them calibrated, and know how to use them, and further know
    what i am measuring. These were obtained through UnitedNuclear.
    Fulford, in my opinion, does not possess the mental acuity to be an
    accurate reporter of the radiation story in Japan. It is my opinion
    that he did not participate in any sampling for radiation at all, and is
    lying about it. Part of the denial syndrome. It will break down soon,
    not only for Ben, but for millions around the planet.

  8. g77enn1 says:

    Tokyo radiation levels: Japanese authorities havedetected an unusually high level of radiation around playground
    equipment in a Tokyo park, report local media.
    The park, in the Toshima ward in central Tokyo, has been fenced off.
    Authorities recorded up to 480 microsieverts per hour at one spot –
    nearly half the recommended annual limit of exposure for a person.
    The incident comes days after a drone with traces of radiation landed on top of the prime minister’s office.
    The drone at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s office was discovered on
    Wednesday morning, carrying a small bottle with the radioactive symbol.
    Tests found it was carrying a small amount of radioactive caesium, reported Kyodo news agency.
    Public concern
    Japan’s NHK reported that local officials had received a call about suspected radioactivity at the Tokyo park on Wednesday.
    Following two rounds of testing, officials found high levels of radiation on a section of the playground equipment.
    Authorities believe that the radiation could be coming from something buried underneath the park.
    Yukio Takano, the mayor of Toshima district, said the risks were
    minimal, but that the area was being cleaned to reassure local
    residents, AFP news agency report.
    According to the International Commission on Radiological Protection
    recommendations, members of the public should not be exposed to more
    than 1000 microsieverts per year.
    Japan has seen heightened concern over radiation since the 2011
    failure of a nuclear plant in Fukushima following an earthquake and
    tsunami, which led to leaks of radioactive water,
    All of Japan’s nuclear reactors were taken offline following the
    incident. Recent attempts to restart some of them have been met with
    vocal opposition by local residents.

  9. g77enn1 says:

    Why 38 million Tokyo residents are at risk.Dr. Helen Caldicott is co-founder of Physicians for Social
    Responsibility, and she is author/editor of Crisis Without End: The
    Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear
    Catastrophe, The New Press, September 2014. For over four decades Dr.
    Caldicott has been the embodiment of the anti-nuclear banner, and as
    such, many people around the world classify her as a “national
    treasure”. She’s truthful and honest and knowledgeable.
    Fukushima is literally a time bomb in quiescence. Another powerful
    quake and all hell could break loose. Also, it is not even close to
    being under control. Rather, it is totally out of control. According to
    Dr. Caldicott, “It’s still possible that Tokyo may have to be evacuated,
    depending upon how things go.” Imagine that!
    According to Japan Times as of March 11, 2015: “There have
    been quite a few accidents and problems at the Fukushima plant in the
    past year, and we need to face the reality that they are causing anxiety
    and anger among people in Fukushima, as explained by Shunichi Tanaka at
    the Nuclear Regulation Authority. Furthermore, Mr. Tanaka said, there
    are numerous risks that could cause various accidents and problems.”
    Even more ominously, Seiichi Mizuno, a former member of Japan’s House
    of Councillors (Upper House of Parliament, 1995-2001) in March 2015
    said: “The biggest problem is the melt-through of reactor cores… We have
    groundwater contamination… The idea that the contaminated water is
    somehow blocked in the harbor is especially absurd. It is leaking
    directly into the ocean. There’s evidence of more than 40 known hotspot areas
    where extremely contaminated water is flowing directly into the ocean…
    We face huge problems with no prospect of solution.” (Source: Nuclear
    Hotseat #194: Fukushima 4th Anniversary – Voices from Japan, March 10, 2015,
    At Fukushima, each reactor required one million gallons of water per
    minute for cooling, but when the tsunami hit, the backup diesel
    generators were drowned. Units 1, 2, and 3 had meltdowns within days.
    There were four hydrogen explosions. Thereafter, the melting cores
    burrowed into the container vessels, maybe into the earth.
    According to Dr. Caldicott, “One hundred tons of terribly hot
    radioactive lava has already gone into the earth or somewhere within the
    container vessels, which are all cracked and broken.” Nobody really
    knows for sure where the hot radioactive lava resides. The scary
    unanswered question: Is it the China Syndrome?
    Following the meltdown, the Japanese government did not inform people
    of the ambient levels of radiation that blew back onto the island.
    Unfortunately and mistakenly, people fled away from the reactors to the
    highest radiation levels on the island at the time.
    As the disaster happened, enormous levels of radiation hit Tokyo. The
    highest radiation detected in the Tokyo Metro area was in Saitama with
    cesium radiation levels detected at 919,000 becquerel (Bq) per square
    meter, a level almost twice as high as Chernobyl’s “permanent dead zone
    evacuation limit of 500,000 Bq” (source: Radiation Defense Project). 
    For that reason, Dr. Caldicott strongly advises against travel to Japan
    and recommends avoiding Japanese food.
    Even so, post the Fukushima disaster, Secretary of State Hillary
    Clinton signed an agreement with Japan that the U.S. would continue
    importing Japanese foodstuff. Therefore, Dr. Caldicott suggests people
    not vote for Hillary Clinton. One reckless dangerous precedent is enough
    for her.
    According to Arnie Gundersen, an energy advisor with 39 years of nuclear power engineering experience, as reported in The Canadian
    on August 15, 2011: “The US government has come up with a decision at
    the highest levels of the State Department, as well as other departments
    who made a decision to downplay Fukushima. In April, the month after
    the powerful tsunami and earthquake crippled Japan including its nuclear
    power plant, Hillary Clinton signed a pact with Japan that she agreed
    there is no problem with Japanese food supply and we will continue to
    buy them. So, we are not sampling food coming in from Japan.”
    However, in stark contrast to the United States, in Europe Angela
    Merkel, PhD physics, University of Leipzig and current chancellor of
    Germany is shutting down all nuclear reactors because of Fukushima.
    Maybe an advanced degree in physics makes the difference in how a
    leader approaches the nuclear power issue. It certainly looks that way
    when comparing/contrasting the two pantsuit-wearing leaders, Chancellor
    Merkel and former secretary of state Clinton.
    After the Fukushima blow up, ambient levels of radiation in
    Washington State went up 40,000 times above normal, but according to Dr.
    Caldicott, the U.S. media does not cover the “ongoing Fukushima mess.”
    So, who would really know?
    Dr. Caldicott ended her speech on Sept. 2014 by saying: “In
    Fukushima, it is not over. Everyday, four hundred tons of highly
    radioactive water pours into the Pacific and heads towards the U.S. 
    Because the radiation accumulates in fish, we get that too. The U.S.
    government is not testing the water, not testing the fish, and not
    testing the ambient air. Also, people in Japan are eating radiation
    every day.”
    Furthermore, according to Dr. Caldicott: “Rainwater washes over the
    nuclear cores into the Pacific. There is no way they can get to those
    cores, men die, robots get fried. Fukushima will never be solved.
    Meanwhile, people are still living in highly radioactive areas.”…

  10. jl644 says:

    Sounds all wishful thinking….  all be believable if it happens.

  11. thanks Ben!!! Victory to the Light

  12. Shane Hustad says:

    How can none humans determine the future of humanity?The Pentagon ritually sacrifices children under the building, still trust them? Who created the CIA Ben? please tell! NAZIS… People paid 10$ dollars for this?? Common people!

  13. Thanks for working for the all of us! I am totally on board.

  14. Greg Dougall says:

    I agree with everything except increasing the world population.  The world is grossly overpopulated, and births must be controlled naturally by poor people NOT having 5,6 7,8,9 children.   War for natural resources, overfishing, de-forestation, pollution, is all caused by overpopulation.  It can be reduced over time, in a humane and natural way.  Arable land is finite.  Arable land is shrinking.  Fish populations are drastically shrinking.   Population is booming.  It is not sustainable.

  15. Textynn says:

    We don't even have a democracy any more. Our elections are controlled. How can we get rid of the IMF. ??

  16. Atom Knows says:

    Something is really wrong here, he was getting very upset toward the end and looked afraid, getting the idea he was saying all this under Duress. You watch his body language he keeps rubbing his nose every time he tells a lie.
    Excessive blinking, he also keeps looking off in the same direction as if he’s speaking from a script.

  17. earthicastar says:

    red and green, or red and blue?

  18. Bill Keidan says:

    An even greater world population could be supported if free energy systems, replication technologies etc. were permitted. I find Ben's analysis very plausible.

  19. Thomas Syxe says:

    What about trump support for Israel, and also his statements on Iran's deal being not good and him being ready to do "whatever is necessary" etc ? why he doesn't speak out against the fed ? maybe he have plans to get elected, first, then change radically his statement (lie to the cabal with what i said ..) that would be so nice..just in order to get in power, and then, BOOM, end of the game.

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