Benny’s New Arrivals 2 – Rockstar Editor (Update Showcase)


The new update is out for GTA and we got more than just three cars at Benny’s. Thought I’d showcase some of the car upgrades you can do to the three new …


16 Responses

  1. cool video you play on ps4

  2. DUCKIE M0M0 says:

    Editing is always on point

  3. editing bad ass as always

  4. CAPT MADMAN says:

    I still say my chrome hearse wins every car show…..EVER!!?

  5. Retro Moy says:

    awesome showcase

  6. the Warlock says:

    something different, cinematic dlc showcase. i like it.

  7. Wow So cool ! JUNk'it ! ??

  8. Tomas 1337 says:

    Can you do a David Bowie outfit?

  9. MrMonkair911 says:

    Very nice, your videos are getting better and better.

  10. Solas67 says:

    Great work!

  11. besides some stuttering, this looks pretty cool! gs!

  12. whogotbeef2 says:

    Great video Bloodlust

  13. Sweet rides! Def gonna get my Faction pimped up a lil more now with the update! Thanks 4 the update preview from Bennys

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