Benny’s New Arrivals – GTA V (Sultan & Banshee)


Me and ash0191 decided to test drive the new vehicles available at Benny’s Original Motorworks shop on GTA V right now. The Karin Sultan and the Bravado …


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  1. You make nice videos

  2. Paul Mann says:

    Hey buddy how is it going

  3. Agent ZXK says:

    Jamari is right I also think this is a Nice video, great showcase of two great cars! Great Job!

  4. How did you make a YouTube channel

  5. Walker Films says:

    Not a fan of the DLC but as always a fan of your videos! Good work Ebony!

  6. :3 well this kind of video that needs more subs and views nice vid as always

  7. SirKaldar says:

    Wait wait wait! I have been away from the game for a few weeks, are you telling me that there is a DLC that will let turn my STI WRX alike Karin Sultan into a full rally car?! I need to play now! Shit I can't remember what colour combinations I used to make Impreza Blue!

  8. Love the simplicity to this, great work as always. :)

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