Berlin – London Bus Leaves ZOB Berlin.



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  1. harryfaber says:

    I guess it is ok, as long as you don't have the fat man who snores sat next to you all the way.
    Must confess, I am addicted to my car for long trips, I can smoke if I want, play Meatloaf or Strauss, and best of all, deviate from the planned route as the whim takes me.
    But: at £80.00, this is the cheapest way to do it!

  2. HelenaMikas says:

    well if my memory serves me well its about 136euro rtn .OK you may say Ryan Air is cheaper . BUT 1) its that price come what may , even day before . 2) centre of London to Centre of Berlin .c) you can have as much luggage as you like .You can cancel if you say have a prob and use another time NOT sure how this applies to internet booking .I have never done . Friends have they like and there are return deals often as well 

  3. HelenaMikas says:

    well yes and no .The rules in europe make a driver have to stop so that he has a break , people have use of toilets , can stretch their legs , may have a smoke ( not allowed in a bus you see )

  4. TopFelya says:

    That is my job Helena.Im the Bus driver. Nice video!

  5. Peter Peel says:

    Feine Sache. Danke fürs Hochladen.

  6. i got on tjis bus and it wasnt bad, i took sleeping tablets and fell asleep like a baby lol. and the bus was empty i could stretch my feet out at the back like a bed 

  7. The driver (with glasses) who is taking the tickets was my driver in march last year on a trip with Eurolines from Liege to London.

  8. Must check this out! Slow but cheaper than plane probably.

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