Best Documentary 2016 The Most Mysterious Things On Earth Ever


Best Documentary 2016 The Most Mysterious Things On Earth Ever In the seventeenth century, the philosophy of space and time emerged as a central issue in …


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  1. Randy Ortiz says:

    awesome to the T..

  2. Randy Ortiz says:

    I believe math is a discovery humans sense something that needed to be categorized so humans begin using symbols to categorize it.. ( wink )

  3. This is amazing thank you for posting

  4. Thanks for the upload.

  5. Eric Roth says:

    tesla should be credited for wireless communication.

  6. Mele Paasi says:

    Maths shows a God exists

  7. There is God who made it all and your just seeing his work in math . The order is proof he is .

  8. golden doors says:

    scientists from today not even compare to the wisdom and knowledge pyramid construction science can't explain.. we got to be careful what they want us to believe..

  9. lennart2089 says:

    He says that pie shows up in apples, strange I thought it was the other way around…

  10. Jupiter says:

    I think counting blessings is the key to all the math mysteries. My two (2) cents!

  11. Wow, I have a common ancestor with lemurs that lived about 65 million years ago! I think that was my UNCLE SAM! ahhahahahahaha!!!! oops its friday night, sorry

  12. i guess the pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere along with stone henge and Easter island were accidental.

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