Best Illuminati hiphop rap song (K-rino – grand deception)


Check out a new Illuminati rap track:

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Tune: K-rino – grand deception
Online video: munozandre


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  1. the song Simply scratches the surface of something much much larger.

  2. TRUTH OF FREEMASON NINE GATES OF KINGDOM OF SHADOWS !…..Kipper Kipps Leask Facebook – and Youtube Playlist – The FREEMASON RYE and The Glitched Stitch,

  3. K Rino says:


  4. killiluminati but' c'est tellement dure quand ca nous p├Ętes dans face 2017 c comme croire au christ ca pete fort comme les extremiste, kill illuminati love yur wife or try yu to take ha! …

  5. children were NEVER owned by the state

  6. your music is absolutely brilliant

  7. real eyes realize

  8. IAMForeign says:

    How many people pulled a dollar to look at the tiny owl on the front

  9. Tay Luc says:

    we must all get right. The NWO is coming and we're the only people that can stop it.

  10. Oneil Young says:

    100 he kill tat shty round the end

  11. This song is 90% true but I think these guys are MK-ULtra anti Christ disinfo agents. So what if you know about what these elites do if you end up being led away from the truth you'll end with them anyway. All they want is for you to dis the Church and Jesus Christ.
    The REASON all this is happening is because amerikkkua has become a god-less nation
    of ignorant slobs. God Bless AmeriKKKua? I think not. Land of the free? What a joke.
    Home of the brave??? Well let's face it the song IS a question!

  12. now I need fucking headphones for this shit

  13. Jon Charles says:

    Htown niggaz gone let em kno wut is bitch rip Dj $crew they gave up the basics but rino drag yo punk azz str8 thru the deepest levelz of hell without walkin thru the gates themselves. trill talk hoe.

  14. Amen !!!!! I'm with you brother !!!

  15. Gatling Gigz says:

    why cant music be like this more offten :(.i would to this on the radio

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