BEST New World Order Documentary! Illuminati Plans 2016 – Truth about banking system

4 Published on Apr 19, 2016 BEST New World Order documentary! Illuminati Plans 2016 – Truth about banking …


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  1. Johnny Cage says:

    Thanks for all your hard work…

  2. God bless you Gary!!

  3. broandrew says:

    This video shows the clear picture, the real chart of the .01% elite who printed all the money ( digits on paper) with no gold backing at all. Who got away with murder all these years since 1913. They bought up almost all corporations. They own almost everything. They employ 60% of the nation, the reason why no one complains, if they do they lose their jobs. You the 99.9%ers are the their victims here. It can not possibly go on any further, The money changer tables must be thrown down. Will a pole shift do it for them? Change is near. Stay on the side of Jesus and repentance if you want to survive. Join the 99.9% Topsider Club today! No underground DUMBS for you. The economy can NOT survive that much longer. Get ready to ascend, pack your soul and ditch your bags, for you can not take it with you. Only your soul and all that you did on earth will matter. Will your works be hay, wood and stumble? or will it be refined gold, silver and precious stones, refined by GOD's consuming fire? Did you serve the people and or GOd in your life? or did you serve the LOSER satan all your life and rip off most all the people? You can still REPENT and take up the cross, do it today! DO not wait till it is too late.

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