Best UFO Sightings Of April 2013, AFO


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Segment 107, this online video is distributed without the need of earnings to these who have expressed a prior desire in obtaining the integrated info for research and academic purposes.

Iv set a whole lot of effort into exploring each individual situation in this online video, on the other hand nobody’s fantastic, and there are certain to be a number of movies in here that have been debunked or established faux. But I inquire you, to constantly continue to keep your mind open up. Just due to the fact an individual has explained to you the online video is faux, or there is certainly a online video out there conveying in moment depth why it is, will not let that change your mind about it. Right up until there is fantastic good evidence out there that points out why and how the online video is a faux stand by your personal impression. Don’t let any individual else’s impression overshadow your personal.

I have contacted every online video homeowners channel and asked for authorization to use each individual of the sightings presented in the online video, on the other hand I am knowledgeable that the channels offering the movies may possibly not personal them. If you have discovered your footage in the online video remember to private message me or electronic mail me at [email protected] to resolve the difficulty. If you have a challenge with your sighting remaining component of this footage, I would be much more than delighted to get rid of and re add the online video with your footage taken out.

Video clips utilised detailed beneath

New music Employed – Arrival of the Birds & Transformation By The Cinematic Orchestra out?v=MqoANESQ4cQ

Triangular Shaped Craft Flies About Myrtle Beach front South Carolina out?v=P5qydTaIV6Q

UFO Speeds Earlier Shenzhou-8 Although Undocking out?v=g7xSkyFt3G8

Color Altering UFO Recorded About Louisiana, Usa out?v=UvsMQA074yg

Triangle UFO Recorded About Las Vegas Nevada, Usa out?v=LXk4C44PyFM

Shiny UFOs Fly In Development About Cork, Ireland out?v=6dKxzThIOQs

NASA Tether UFO Recorded Next To The Moon out?v=WK3ECwItkak

Disc UFO Recorded Flying About Zitácuaro, Mexico out?v=rE7m6EJ8Rko

UFO Inspects Laser On Filterd Cam About Melbourne, Australia out?v=Uli9AHXRoQM

Flying Saucer Caught On Camera About Khakassia, Russia out?v=HW3oZCb3EZg

Triangle UFO Sighting About Lake Erie out?v=1NavLAGu7Bc

Bizarre UFO Flying About Oregon, Usa out?v=MndxTw_bXWw

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22 Responses

  1. Eetu64 says:

    6:10 The star passing from right appears to be in front of the UFO, I call fake.

  2. What a load of crap, ever notice there always to faraway, or to blurry, or the cam. is always shaking. And with today's tec. I believe its about more fear, and control. Besides don't we have more important things to worry about in this Country.

  3. Kvarnholmen says:


    No alien space ships to be seen for sure.

  4. Rob S. says:

    this  is  US craft .. see that  red  dot light  blincking .. not everything is  from outer space .. 

  5. 378aquarius says:

    one of the best ufo vids. thank you.

  6. televoice says:

    2:48 is beautyful … they appear from "another dimension"? 

  7. Le Vinh says:

    Maybe, It belonged to the goverment secret project!

  8. stanis avril says:

    si ils ont le pouvoir qu ils rases la race humaine on a vaut pas la peine

  9. the only one here that I can,t explain on the one on the moon,the rest were either ballons ,flares ,or airplanes or uav,s

  10. I'm not gonna lie the first one looks like a plane

  11. Lastkingof33 says:

    faa regulations say u need a flashing red light. So first one was one of ours

  12. Jarek Dalak says:

    the first object probably was  TR-3B Astra. i have seen red, pulsating lights  as in the normal plane

  13. Seven says:

    the one in mexico is a quadrotor…

  14. Seven says:

    the triangle is a prototype of a stealth bomber… they have been testing it several times in the Las vegas area…

  15. Rayan Xavier says:

    This appears in all the world,how can be lie?

  16. Whoa!!! That's what I'm talking about.

  17. Carlos Jan says:

    Guys UFO Really crashed onto mexico

  18. Carlos Jan says:

    Guys theres really UFOs crashes landed on mexico

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