Best UFO Sightings Spring 2014 NEW Videos Included


In this Very best UFO video compilation, we present a assortment of initial UFO videos that had been featured on, youtube/LookNowTV, in the Spring Period March via June 2014. In addition, we are also featuring NEW Spring, 2014 UFO sightings that had been in no way launched any where in advance of in this UFO video. This UFO video characteristics exceptional UFO Sightings from, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Atlantic Metropolis, New Jersey to mention a couple. In this UFO video we also included unique videos from numerous locations all through the entire world. In this UFO video we see some of the most wonderful UFOs that had been created public in this article on LookNowTV.

We set just about every UFO video we want under intense scrutiny and near assessment in advance of releasing them to you. If another person is telling you that a specified video is phony, and you experience the UFO video is real, be sure to do not be affected by any person. You come to a decision for on your own. We encourage you to formulate your have opinions on the issue of Ufology. We want to keep on to construct a UFO community that is good in our in no way ending quest for attainable Disclosure. We are happy to present this UFO sighting to you for the extremely to start with time in this article on LookNowTV. As generally, you come to a decision. Thank you for seeing and sharing!

Particular many thanks to youtube consumer “TeknoAXE” for the audio. Check out him in this article


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  1. Why nobody speaks in all scenes ?? like WOW look that, wow its unbelievable…..

  2. kukus12 says:

    ???? to nie istnieje to ściema

  3. This spring! More birds! More planes! More dots! More red circles! More camera shaking! More… cheap fake excitment!

  4. Oh my god look! Big red circle! It's comming!

  5. Waste of time. Birds, airplanes, artificially added black dots, artificially added white dots. Looknowtv, go fake yourself 😉

  6. Yukon Man says:

    Hey Rick where are you from? If you don't mind me asking. Probably California!

  7. I don't see any fakes except stupid people here, what did you think earth was the only planet with stupid people it , you guys make laugh here, yet you believe in GOD , right got it , UFOS are as real as they get , its people like you who the bigger idiots out here .

  8. ufo videos have awesome.clickbaits

  9. 5:20 Wouldn't that be a ball lightning? Those things exist, right?

  10. Dante Lanzon says:

    but this video is super scarry

  11. Dante Lanzon says:

    the wones in the tornado would be a piece of something believe me bro

  12. Tom P. says:

    a couple of these are actually interesting

  13. ozinusa says:

    this reeks of CGI

  14. Some of the ufo footage in this vid looks legit, but some in the vid are obvious fakes…too bad u couldn't tell when u put this vid together.

  15. Tito Quezada says:

    I got to see to believe it in aliens

  16. u missed some ufo in the side u didint add that

  17. Revol Begins says:

    lol……….u wont believe if i tell you all thats its fault with bad quality or bad lens of camera… what age we are living in..hmm i shall better get back to fly my aeroplane

  18. M Maldonado says:

    I'm Supposed to be doing my homework

  19. UFO = Unidentified Flying Object. Keep that in mind lol

  20. TMT CRW says:

    Basically all of these are birds

  21. 2 questions:
    How much are you paying the people who are liking your videos?
    And well fuck i forgot the other question. schlabahhfgshshbbksewuboooooooooobieeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss

  22. n00balisk says:

    21:00 That clearly a fucking balloon. Stop reaching lol

  23. TV Shows says:

    For one, how did the boy know when to look out the window during that time to get that shot? The one with the high rise building the light in the back look to be either a radio or TV tower on a foggy day. Some are weather balloon's and the one next to the plane did indeed look like a fighter jet I have seen thousands of time. I can as well as other people take a video and edit in a moving object because I have done it time and time again. I did not go over the 7:22 mark of this video.

  24. third video: a bird

  25. first video: a bird

  26. Its A Bird!

    Its A Plane!


    Just A Plane

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