Beyonce forced Solange to give birth to Blue Ivy ILLUMINATI EXPOSED


Secret Audio Tape of elevator fight between Solange and Jay-Z REVEALED


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  1. Clau Brown says:

    lmao the audio

  2. ellie rouse says:

    what's your email address please?

  3. you see pictures on YouTube of them kissing I want my fucking $500

  4. lmaoooo this a joke yawl lmaoo

  5. DeUcEsXD says:

    2:30 everybody knew it was a game ?????

  6. all his subs should unsubscribe asap for wasting yall time for this bs.

  7. Were you just joking when you made this? ?? I am CRACKING THE FUCK UP

  8. Bruh where u get ur info from…u might be right, but ur presentation is so off…smh….lik im thinkn u got the real deal…real elevator soundz…not no bs play 

  9. Then its a joke….this dude said memphis bleek woooow

  10. emperor zee. says:

    that tape seems fake as fuck ?????its so funny,i cant stop laughing

  11. Vanskii says:

    Plus jay z is gay

  12. Laurahhh says:

    Jayz rubbing up on Beyonce butt is romantic? that's pretty lame.
    Jayz is uggggllyyy!!! she wouldn't want him

  13. Laurahhh says:

    this tape is a bad fake joke. a man is even doing the girls voice

  14. Lol is the audio tape a joke?!?!.. That don't sound anything like jay z, solange nor Beyonce!|[]

  15. Jade Kentron says:

    And you got your facts from where? I have seen intimate pics of them.

  16. I cannot stop ccacking up! hilarious ? ? ? ?!!!!! great work!

  17. the audio sound fake

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