Beyonce illuminati Exposed ☆☆☆☆☆


Disclaimer: Video from Beyonce was making hand symbols of, what else, a pyramid, or triangle if you will, which is a sign of the Illuminati …


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  1. Zeasto says:

    The Eye of Horus has nothing to do with summoning demons and shit, it's the opposite, it's an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection against evil spirits.

  2. tom thecat says:

    god is the one that's perfect

  3. Hummm only god can just

  4. Humm only just can jusd

  5. Narps says:

    One oart of me sais this is bullshit.Another part of me hopes its not true

  6. Jay z calls himself hova ( JEHOVAH ) Kanye West yesus ( JESUS )
    They wearing and advertising goat heads, PENTAGRAMS etc….
    it's right in people's face…..but it amazes me how ignorant ppl are

  7. I used to love Beyoncé. But she's changed so much, and all this does make sense. She seems so dark now.

  8. liban jibril says:

    Jesus didn't create us allah (SWT) did

  9. Idk why I'm looking up "BEYONCÉ conspiracy theories" after watching Shane Dawson's videos. And AFTER SEEING HER LIVE ON SATURDAY 🙁 I love Beyoncé to death but damn these theories are crazy and some of them… MOST of them make sense.

  10. Nego brown says:


  11. Kit Mash says:

    This is dumb. Don't you have to sacrifice family to be apart of the Illuminati ? Who has she sacrificed because ALL of her family members are STILL here. & she always prays to God before she performs on stage and is one of the ONLY artists I've seen thank God through EVERY one of her award acceptance speeches. You tried it 

  12. Illuminati doesn't exist, fuck outta'here.

  13. Kali and Shiva are not evil get ur facts right

  14. Alex Carreau says:

    A person of noble birth. Ivy: Ivy League – connotations of academic excellence as well as a certain amount of elitism. Latin Terms. Blue Ivyspelled backwards is Eulb Yvi. Supposedly, “Eulb Yvi” is Latin for Lucifer's Daughter.

  15. To be honest, I feel bad for Beyonce. Lord please save her

  16. Erwache says:

    beyonce is connected to MARINA ABRAMOVIC who is a satanist doing Spirit Cooking.

  17. Ryan Pro says:

    Lol this is so stupid. God beyonce is hot as fuck.

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