Beyoncé Knowles admits demon possession Illuminati exposed


Beyoncé Knowles is Demon possessed. Open up your eyes! WAKE UP! I do NOT personal something!

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31 Responses

  1. PhePhe Fel says:

    let's please not be naïve here. if you watch documentaries about beyonce she was clearly quiet as kid, she also stated in this video that she is nothing like sasha. come on man. THINK ABOUT IT. just stay away from this world and just give GOD all the praise

  2. Ruben Reyes says:

    what happen to the original version of this performance? it doesn't exist. .!!!!

  3. she lifted her hands and something came into her that's not nerves or adrenalin that's opening yourself up to demonic possession to do what they will with you during the performance that she can't do during rehearsal.. open your eyes she just said it with her own mouth

  4. Dorian Booze says:

    when she said "coming out" she was talking about being known for also being a singer, writer actress, entertainer and now a wife and mother

  5. Mic Fitz says:

    bitch crazy….one roc to the head and you throw her ass in split …

  6. Jesse Leos says:

    Lmao, fuck y'all here. Y'all are possessed. So what if she has an alter ego? Alter egos are automaticallly demons just because she's famous? What about your average everyday people that have alter egos to muster up the courage to do what they want to do in life? Or even do something they themselves know they can't do on their own, so they create this other figure, this is other self to find that courage. Everyone is afraid of something; performing isn't easy at all. I've done poetry slams. Hell, I'm even afraid to recite in front of a handful of twelve people despite having performed in front of hundreds. I don't have an alter ego, I'm just me, but if one is needed for others, that's fine! It's not demonic possession. All of you that say it's trauma from mk ultra or whatever that bullshit may be (show me hard evidence that it's real; not bullshit YouTube theories), it's ridiculous. Y'all act like stagefright isn't real. Like if these people were invincible. Get into satanism. You'll see it's much more than just this.

  7. First things first, I don't like beyonce. Is she possessed? I have NO idea. However I can tell you I have been a singer/songwriter/performer for about 30 years. I have seen the nicest but Meek front men turn into a different person on stage. Its called STAGE PRESENSE. When I do my vocal exercises or sing a song I just wrote I don't swing a guitar around my neck, I don't do piano slides (Unless the song calls for it,) I don't jump on a chair and put one foot on the back rest and one foot on the seat and try to flip it smoothly. All that stuff is reserved for the stage OR choreographing before the stage. Rehearsals can be boring to an outsider, We may start a song and stop 30 seconds into it because someone is out of tune or the timing is off. You would never do that on stage. I'm not defending beyonce, don't like her but some of these thumb nails are extremely misleading.

  8. well the sad part is she working for darkness!!! and her real purpose and will is light!!! but the thing About My Lord is He give use our own free will to choose!! and she choose darkness!!

  9. because as children of God when our Father use us to do some thing he fill us with is holy spirit and anointment and we felt different peace power etc the good thing about it is that is there to stay forever unless we backslid!! same thing when you working for the devil, because it a spiritual something people

  10. there two spiritual world good and evil so if she working for the evil and we all know that so what ever take her over at that moment is a demon!! we can see clear it not her the woman God created and want her to be!!

  11. what ever take she over was a she demon from hell!!!

  12. She's not greatest as I think yoooooh Sasha Is helping her more n more whn She's performing on stage…Damn

  13. Salima aa says:

    sasha doesnt even look like her

  14. Beyoncé is a she-devil.

  15. My Toy. says:

    Flash news is not called sasha is called the Devil..your coming out ..sure your coming out to the luminarie club.

  16. Connie Lee says:

    My dad got possessed once and told me he could read minds and fly,I guess that's what demons do,give people overload confidence and let them believe that they're gods and goddesses, scary af

  17. Beyonce illuminati confirmed

  18. Dleio Dama says:

    naww she just caught the holy spirit

  19. This comment section: People thinking adrenaline is some kind of government drug. #SMH

  20. Aidan Lane says:

    you guys are morons now you got one for President well done way to go you guys

  21. and shes proud???TF?!!!

  22. JHarold says:

    She meant to say it was her coming out night for her initiation into the illuminati satanic cult.

  23. Chris Cruise says:

    What a sad twisted person

  24. Why did you fake your own pregnancy you fucking lying illuminati whore!!!!!

  25. so thats why she peeforms like a pro and sing and dance so good' its not beyonce

  26. Umbran Peach says:

    "Sasha" is just her alter ego as she said. Cause her performances would be boring if she was like "Beyonce" as she also said. Sasha was created probably because she knows when she's on stage she is way different then when she communicates with people. Just watch Ellen interview Beyonce and she'll say why Sasha was created. ?

  27. is Beyonce dead????????

  28. Pretty Rad says:

    Wtf , Stop trying to make something so simple such as confidence into something that it's not , not one time did she say ANYTHING about demons

  29. I don't know if I buy into "Sasha" being a demon possessing Beyonce, don't get me wrong I do believe in God & Jesus Christ, I believe there are angels & I believe there is a devil & demons. in this situation though I don't think it's demonic possession, I just think that when Beyonce goes on stage a side of her that isn't usual seen in her regular life comes out & Beyonce light-heartedly calls that part of her "Sasha", saying that "Sasha" is a demon is a little silly, it's like saying Bruce Wayne is being possessed by a demon called Batman (I know he's a fictional character I'm just giving am example, of course some really die hard comic book fans might argue about that statement)

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