Beyonce – Why Did God Give Me This Talent (LEAKED)


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  1. Robby Singer says:

    what the fuck is wrong with her eyes wondering like that her ass is really posses by demons! the real answer is beyonce GOD gave u that talent plain & simple.

  2. hanna farraj says:

    Oh my god she would've said Satan not god she meant god that's why she said God did she say thank the devil no did she say she sold her soul no she's being grateful


  4. She's so cute!….

  5. R Tewe says:

    Some people are just fucking haters just because shes living her dream and your stuck at home with your broke, unknown,uncool selves, shes the devil!? Yes she better looking than you, yes shes richer than & known by everyone, get over it!!!

  6. Zineb says:

    pute soumise a satan

  7. Well Beyoncé sometimes God gives talent & looks to the wrong people who use it against his kingdom ☕️ Like lucifer

  8. liz liz says:

    So nobody gonna talk about how great her skin is

  9. "Why did God give me this talent"…

    Actual translation:

    "Why didn't God stop my dumbass from selling my soul to Satan PLEASE HELP!"

  10. discoworm says:

    Which God are you saluting. upper or lower?

  11. this isnwhy i dont want to be a famous singer!!!!!!!!! if satan see you as a big star he say( well not exactly) i will make you famous, rich, powerfuly, but all i want is control of you to help you! but he doesn't help you he damage you and tells you what to do

  12. Josh England says:

    holy lunatic! at that moment she showed qualities of someone with severe mental illness

  13. Nini Chiara says:

    Horribal….this shit

  14. Nini Chiara says:

    B coz y are stupid and silly y ask.this fucking question…

  15. Autumn Ortiz says:

    He gave you your talent to glorify him "God". Beyonce has made millions enough to live the rest of her life without needing a thing. BUT INSTEAD THOSE WITH THIS TALENT CHOOSE TO SERVE THE DEVIL. That's why it's so hard for you to understand Beyonce, because the devil needs you to lead others to Glorify you and worship you. That's called idolatry. Give up your riches and glory and serve the true God and have piece of mind.

  16. I want to comfort her and tell her God is there for her

  17. King Kong says:

    My father in heaven gave you that talent to create peace and love and you did the exact opposite. This is why you ask why. I forgive you beyonce for spreading a video where they disgrace my name and attack me. How could you laugh? How could you mock me on the cross? You spit on me and gave me a crown of thrones for my sorrows. You pierce my side and all you will see is blood and water.

  18. dee ? says:

    Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess.

  19. Majestic says:

    Lol. You silly bigots, God isn't real.

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