Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Hastings Was Murdered


Dave Hodges

In March 2013, Attorney General, Eric Holder, answered a February 2013 inquiry from Senator Rand Paul as to whether Obama had any intentions of assassinating American citizens on American soil through the use of drones.Holder also stated that Obama “has no intention” of targeting American citizens with unmanned aerial vehicles, but would do so if facing “an extraordinary circumstance.”

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Hastings Was Murdered

I presume from the Attorney General’s characterization of Obama’s need to assassinate America citizens,  but only under “an extraordinary circumstance” applies to journalists attempting to the tell the truth about the morally bankrupt Obama administration and their criminal enterprise operations which constitute a clear and present danger to the United States.

This is the first of a two part story which examines the three following questions:

1. Was Michael Hastings murdered?

2. If so, why was he murdered?

3. How was the murder accomplished?

Part one of this series examines the evidence supporting a charge of murder in the death of investigative reporter Michael Hastings. Also, some the ground work is laid with regard to the second question on why Michael Hastings was murdered. Part two will fully develop the motives as to why Hastings was murdered as well as how the murder was accomplished. The cover story related to Hastings’ death will be examined as well as evidence which destroys the credibility of the “official account.” Also Part two will reveal how the lives of the investigators looking into this event are also in jeopardy.

Obama and Holder Are Cut From the Same Cloth As the Zeta’s

Mexican drug suspect Santiago Meza Lopez - known as the 'stew-maker' - confessed to dissolving the bodies of 300 rivals with acid in Tijuana.

Mexican drug suspect Santiago Meza Lopez – known as the ‘stew-maker’ – confessed to dissolving the bodies of 300 rivals with acid in Tijuana.

The Zeta’s Mexican drug cartel gang is known for abducting their opposition, torturing and murdering them and then dissolving their bodies in acid in order to destroy the evidence of the crime. As the news of these heinous crimes reached the US air waves, the media impact of these stories created a collective sense of horror among the public. However, most of the mainstream media’s reaction to these abhorrent acts seems to be selective at best. It seems acceptable to reveal these types of crimes when it involves Mexican national gangsters, but if the same acts are approved of by the highest ranking officials in our country, the coverage of the topic is out of bounds. However, an emerging story related to the murder of journalist Michael Hastings is casting Obama and Holder in the same light as the well-publicized Zeta Mexican drug cartel and their barbaric and murderous ways.

America's Stew Maker

America’s stew-maker

Today, the NSA/CIA and even the President can “legally” kill a whistleblower, force local officials to conduct a shoddy autopsy and then cremate the body of the victim against the wishes of the next of kin, and then send the ashes to the grieving relatives in an urn just as the coroner did with the body of Michael Hastings. Subsequently, the evidence is destroyed and Obama and Holder maintain plausible deniability. The murder of Michael Hastings is proof positive that we are indeed being ruled by the most virulent criminals on the planet and the evidence that follows supports this allegation.

The Official Version of Hastings Death

Michael Hastings Body Was Cremated Against Family Wishes

The official version of the Hastings death stated that he was traveling at an excessive speed, at least 80 mph, when he lost control of his car and he crashed into a tree causing his Mercedes to burst into a flames, which resulted in his death. According to the coroner, the Hastings body was burned beyond recognition. That claim is disputed by an eyewitness to the crime as reported on Infowars Nightly News who stated that the body was recognizable and intact..

The fact that Hastings’ family had requested that the body be sent to them for proper burial and this request was not honored, should be investigated. Unless there was a compelling legal reason to not comply with the family request to have the body sent to them, the coroner committed a criminal act for which he should be prosecuted.

The Cover Up Commences

All the signs point to a murder to prevent Hastings from releasing some very important and damning information which will be discussed in more detail in Part two.

Just a few hours before his death, Hastings sent an email to colleagues at stating that he was onto a big story and that he would have to go off the radar for a bit. Hastings use of the word, “radar” is both ironic and compelling as the readers will soon learn why this is true in Part two. Interestingly, Hastings also told that that they might be questioned about him by authorities. If you think this is starting to sound a lot like the Edwin Snowden affair, you are correct and that connection between Snowden and Hastings will be explored as well in Part Two.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Hastings Was Murdered

Michael Hastings was the ultimate reporter and a consummate whistle-blower. For example, Michael Hastings brought down the command of General McChrystal the senior commander in Afghanistan in which his insubordination and lack of respect for Obama was reported in Rolling Stone Magazine by Hastings and resulted in the General’s firing.

Hastings has served as a one man wrecking crew regarding the exposing the governmental lies connected to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is rumored to have had a behind-the-scenes hand in Snowden’s revelations about the NSA.

We know now, from Twitter, and various spokespeople from Wikileaks, that Hastings had contacted Wikileaks and said he was being investigated by the FBI. The following tweet is the first element in the notion that Hastings was murdered to cover up his potential release of volatile information which could result in the fall of the Obama empire.


Murder       WikiLeaks        ✔@wikileaks

Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him.

3:07 PM – 19 Jun 2013


Yet, the FBI claims that they were not investigating Hastings death. That was a true statement by the FBI at the time it was made, because dead men tell no tales.Thus, an investigation would no longer be necessary.

 hastings car 2


Notice the tree. It is not even bent after supposedly being impacted by Hastings car at 80mph.

The forensics of his death makes no sense.The crime scene evidence contradicts the official account which claimed that Hastings lost control of his speeding car which crashed into a tree and the car subsequently burst into flames. I have looked at the video and still pictures of the crime scene and I have a very hard time believing the official story as a result. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Jim Stone and LoudLabs for publishing these crash scene pictures. Look at Hastings car, as it is fully engulfed in flames from an alleged head-on, high speed crash into a tree. Please notice the silhouette of the burning car, that the front end of the care is fully intact. The significance of this will become apparent in the following paragraphs.

Notice the tree. It is not even bent after supposedly being impacted by Hastings car at 80 miles per hour.

Now, look at the adjacent picture of the tree taken following the accident. Does this tree look like it was the target of a high speed crash in which some say that Hastings would have been going in excess of 80 mph at the time of impact? The tree isn’t even bent! This is an ill conceived crime scene explanation which riv als the unbelievable “magic bullet” theory which was brought forth in the JFK assassination to explain how one bullet could strike two men and create five different wounds.

Take note of the front end of the car, no impact damage is present. However, the rear of the car is a different story. This photo absolutely disprove the official account of what they say happened to Hastings.

Take note of the front end of the car, no impact damage is present. However, the rear of the car is a different story. If the front end of Hastings’ car had struck a tree, the hood would look like an accordion and would be pushed up into the front seat. This photo absolutely disproves the official account of what officials say happened to Hastings and his vehicle.

There there is the issue of the front end of the car. The above picture proves that the front end of the car struck nothing. However, the rear end of the car is damaged and appears to have been blown out. Unless Hastings was driving in reverse, it did not strike any tree. And since the tree was not struck by Hastings car, other outside explanations must be now be considered.

Even more telling in this murder mystery is the fact that even the officials cannot even keep their cover stories straight.

A Westside LA newspaper, The Park Labrea News/ Beverly Press reported that “LAPD investigators have stated foul play was involved.”  Yet when the newspaper attempted to question the lead investigator in the case, Detective Connie White from the LAPD’s West Traffic Division, regarding the investigators revelation of foul play, she did not return calls to the newspaper, thus, refusing comment on the status of the investigation.

This is a significant revelation because we have to remember that when whistleblower Andrew Breitbart was murdered, so was his coroner following the autopsy. The coroner who had investigated the Breitbart death was poisoned to death. Therefore, isn’t it logical to assume that the LA coroner and LAPD Detective White are aware of this fact and are subsequently afraid of their own shadow? The fix is in and official statements other than the “approved” version will not be forthcoming.

In a related story, it was revealed in May that the Justice Department secretly obtained phone records of journalists at the Associated Press. Did this Fourth Amendment violation of journalist records stop with the AP reporters? Were Hastings records subject to illegal scrutiny as well? It would be hard to imagine a scenario where this was not the case. Keep in mind, Hastings was dead less than 30 days following this revelation. This is where a future Grand Jury investigation needs to begin into the murder of Michael Hastings.

If this were a Grand Jury Inquest, the purveyors of this head on collision with a tree fantasy would have an impossible burden to overcome the evidence that has been presented here. Indictments would be issued and heads in Washington DC would begin to roll.

Michael Hastings was a talented and courageous journalist. He left behind friends and family that loved him. He deserves to have the motives and the method used to murder him exposed. These items will be the topic of Part Two.

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7 Responses

  1. Maggie says:

    IF the PICURE of the flaming car is supposed to be of the same location as the picture of the tree in the 2nd picture, then WHERE is the streetlight that is seen in the 1rst picture that is burning brightly? Obviously, the pictures were taken of two different locations! What does this tell us?

  2. kevin88 says:

    You had me until you started talking about damage to the tree. Big trees do not move or bend when hit by cars. Damage to the bark is about all that is going to happen to a tree of this size. A more plausible story is that he hit the tree but the car was being remotely controlled. Car accidents are a favorite way to exterminate people, so I do believe there’s something fishy going on here, but the first part of your “proof” story has problems.

    • Maggie says:

      I thought the exact same thing, Kevin!….Along with what I already posted about the pictures being from 2 separate locations. Full grown trees of this size do not BEND! I also agree with your statement about the remote control devices. There is definitely something fishy about this whole story….but, in order for us to figure it out, there must be full disclosure from the author of this article and they don’t need to give us even MORE B.S. than we are getting from the Cabal!

  3. aj weishar says:

    This is just as bad as three buildings dropping straight down at free fall speed after being hit by two airplanes. Did these forensic people and crime scene investigators ever hear of science, specifically physics???? A two ton metal projectile hits a palm tree at 80 mph, and both remain intact. The damn tree with its very small root ball did not move. It’s a sad commentary on how ignorant the news media and the American public has become. After the laws of science were suspended on 9/11, the folks behind these crimes knew they could make up just about anything and no one would question it. Now they’re just playing with us, seeing how ridiculous they can get with their official account.

  4. 5 War Veteran says:

    We can expect more of these “accidents” to happen especially when the PTB are running scared.

  5. common law p.a.g. Chris says:

    With the RUSH to in-SINerate the alleged REMAINS of the possible or NOT likely “victim” would cause SOME to wander and a few OTHERS to actually do due diligence via IN-vesti-gate and Perhaps TEST for Thermite Explosive, C 4 or other NOVEL NEW DIS-tructive Devices? Why would private foreign owned INcorpoRATe hireling Mercenaries; mere[ly] masquerading: DISguised as “public servants,” and presume to sua sponte assume to CRE-mate other’s Family Members ( Under Domestic Terrorism HOMICIDE INvestigation), except to:Felony Tamper with and OB-literate Testamentary Evidence? Where was the Gestapo’s S.S. – Father Land’s / Home Land Security; the purported FINAL ANSWER, to Our American Public Safety’s / Final DIStruction?

    PRAY for DEVINE intercession by The ONE CREATOR but PRAY Please?

  6. Archie1954 says:

    Whether or not an assassination took place here, the point is that the possibility of one engineered by the US government or one of its many agencies, has harmed the body politic greatly. The very fact that a number of people consider this to be a possibility shows a distrust of the whole US system of governance. Such disrtust colours every personal or public association with the US government and breeds fear and dysfunction.

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