Big Sean Speaks on Illuminati Rituals with 2 Chainz (Video)


Promoting “Dark Sky Paradise”, Big Sean Stopped by The Whoolywood Shuffle. He spoke on #IDFWU being a trending hashtag, his grandmother’s influence on …


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  1. Will J. says:

    Man I don't know if you got any different views on industry which honestly has no problem taking an artist and hyping them and manipulates radio for said artists enabling a no talent Hack to have success….HOWEVER! Big Sean is not in that class. To me he is actually a talented artist who is one of the better artists around right now.IJS.

  2. Killuminati and my like made it 1k

  3. "The verses with the most songs?" 4:26 … WTF Sean?!

  4. look like he could be Reese brother

  5. Alex Cabrera says:

    whats up with pappa shango on the desktop at 2:40???????????? Illuminati
    seee yaaaaa

  6. T-KushMH3 says:

    Big Sean is one of my favorite artists

  7. Jess W says:

    I love big Sean but I hate how he plays dumb when it comes to the secret involvement celebs have in their societies. Lol he knows what's going on but he acting mad dumb

  8. kevin koon says:


  9. Fat Sam says:

    "They need to let me know though"… realises he's on radio "Sike"

  10. Fuk Youuu says:

    two illuminati slaves speaking on the illuminati, okay….okay.

  11. Ericalane B says:

    Come on. he doesn't even speak on it. change the title .. nuts .

  12. zekeSPN says:

    2:142:40 illuminati talk

  13. Man yal talking about the Illuminati shit, this is a great interview he's a funny dude and when he broke down Wayne's verse that was tight af

  14. blockb44 says:

    how could u not s/o God?? 1st..??

  15. why do people think that if u are rich or famous or a rapper u satanic come if u all were famous people would say the same thing so don't say things u are not sure of 

  16. I noticed how when he was asked about the illuminati he kept looking at something to his right… I wonder who or what was there….

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