Biggest Tragedy in the World Remained Un-noticed



Most significant tragedy in the world remained un-recognized.
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

It is on file that Hindustan was partitioned in 1947. We have been informed that at the very least 8,00,000 folks had been killed and about 11,00,00,000 folks had been forced to migrate to unfamiliar spots and even then the folks of India and folks of Pakistan declare that this successful of independence from the British was peaceful. It is on file that no tomb had been produced in memory of these who had been killed and no tomb had been produced for these who had been suffering for years collectively in the new set up and new spots.. It is also on file that the folks of these two international locations celebrate their independence days, but they are not observing martyrdom day of these who had been killed devoid of any fault lying on their part. It is also on file that the Parliaments of these two international locations are not observing two-minutes-silence in honour of these who had been killed in 1947. It is on file that some persons in India and Pakistan have been identified as flexibility fighters, but these martyrs dropped their lives, but their heirs have not been supplied these advantages which are remaining compensated to these whose mother and father or grand mother and father had been flexibility fighters.
Time has arrive when these two international locations and India and Pakistan should take into consideration all these details and they should really remember all these accounts which happened in partition of 1947. This had been the most important tragedy of twentieth century and if we go in heritage, we shall not obtain these a huge upheaval nor we shall obtain killings at these a big scale and uprooting at these a big scale. This had been an unequal party in the full heritage and for that reason, the folks of both equally India and Pakistan should have an introspection and they should really repent and beg pardon from God mainly because they had been battling their war of independence and they had been not supposed to destroy their have folks. It is on file that the British could depart this state safe and sound and sound and we had begun killing our have folks who had hardly ever been at fault nor they had been battling in a war. They all had been peaceful folks and these killings would hardly ever be pardoned by God and all these who had been responsible for these killings shall be punished by God devoid of any leisure.
We the folks of India and Pakistan are recalling the killings and destructions induced by Atom Bombs in Nagasaki and Herosama, but no e-book of heritage on this side mentions these massive killings and that way too of harmless folks. The folks who occupied the seats of electrical power soon after the British on both equally sides, quite tactfully overlooked all these entries in heritage e-book besides that there was partition in 1947 and India and Pakistan came into remaining. The folks who are still alive and had suffered in 1947 should commence a movement and they should demand that all figures be collected and certain entries be built in heritage guides and all these who had been responsible for these killings should really be identified and tried out in open Courts. The folks who are useless could also be identified and they are fund responsible, they should really be supplied punishment posthumously. It appears to be we shall have to publish off so quite a few names who had been identified as heroes and their names shall appear in the lists maintained for the convicts. The heritage should be corrected mainly because at the time will become long lasting, there shall be no a person who shall remember all the activities of 1947 partition.


Source by Dalip Singh Wasan

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