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  1. lumber jack says:

    Im all for the group.. kill off everyone. Have you been to Wal-Mart recently 

  2. Marie Jose says:

    The stupidity of pple tht think its an "innocent" thing baffles me.
    These sre the pple tht talk about "culling of useless eaters" (source dr Rima Bilderberg on yt) and on depopularing through VACCINS (Bill Gates own words at TED yt)

  3. HopperRox says:

    Thx Dan Dicks.

  4. troy j says:

    If you notice after the builerberg meeting 2015 that's when the huge immigration problem started into Europe !?!

  5. troy j says:

    The pope is asking America to drop its borders let refugees coming in without any order for protection of the host country ? would like to ask how many refugees has the Vatican taken in are they going to drop their walls !?! Germans are being put out of their houses to make room for refugees how many priest are going to move out of their digs at the Vatican City and give to the refugees !?! Obama ia a Muslim .!.! Biden I'm afraid will be the next president he will then a point Obama to the UN ambassador of them The ambassadors will elect him Secretary-General you know what that makes him king of the world or anti-Christ ?!? Obama never wanted to be president of the United States he hates the United States but that was his path to the UN ! I'm afraid his father was not African he looks nothing like Obama 5'6" Obamas 6'2"
    They look nothing alike I'm afraid his father is Arabic that's what they're hiding the antichrist will either be Jewish or Arabic !!

  6. troy j says:

    It's worse than even the things I'm talking about if you don't see the invasion of Europe then you are blind open your eyes we are in the middle of biblical revelation ! It would be like Germans by the billions coming into America in 1940 and being told in cities and small towns you have to move out of city housing and make room for the immigrants and the government telling you you have to lay down your arms ! Don't believe anything you're told by one source study this problem and you understand go to German newspapers and the people themselves talking about what's happening there !! The Germans have 1.2 children on the average the Muslims have eight children it won't be long and Germany will be a Muslim country five years or less ?!? I would hate to be a gay person or a woman !?! In sharia law you have about as much rights as a dog !


  8. Notice the vast majority of these are Zionist Jews.

  9. redfoe77 says:

    So many corporations are part of "the group" that its pointless to oppose them. They are the rich and powerful, they have law makers in their pockets or are lawmakers themselves. what can you REALISTICALLY do?

  10. spaceorbison says:

    They don't want to allow unions getting together to talk about things but these motherfuckers can….

  11. alex panmei says:

    we ve to to aware of this secret societies

  12. Excellent video… thank you very much.

  13. These people need to be stopped. These oligarchs should make everyone sick.  They are ruling over people like they are cattle instead of people that deserve to choose their own lives.

  14. bearcagela says:

    Robert, why did you include GAY in the video info?

  15. These documentaries are getting better, but are over edited. The music added for drama is not only distracting, but declines credibility. Watch manwomanmyth. No frills. No drama. Expose the truth and let people think for themselves.

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