Billion Dollars Conspiracy : Who Are The Four Horsemen #Conspiracy (Documentary 2015)


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  1. WARRAW says:

    Pro 29:2
    When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

  2. Adam XYZ says:

    1:13:55 iPhone generation

  3. zanzu says:

    Good video but it implied the sub-prime loans were the cause of the housing market crashed. What it doesn't say is that research has proven the prime loan (middle classs) market had exploded to over 60% and contributed the most to the collapse. Sub prime lending was around 20% and cash purchases (wealthy investors) a little over 10%. This slight misdirection of not addressing the real issue could open the door for a reoccurrance in a different sector. Greed and lack of regulations combined is a time bomb waiting to explode.

  4. juan valdez says:

    hard to find videos like this one. very good

  5. In the oldest vedic scripture, the horses are the senses of human body.

  6. enjoyed that, thumbs up from me

  7. Rajiv Seth says:

    Very good doc… just don't see this much needed change happening in my time but for the sake of future generations I hope it does happen otherwise future of humanity is very bleak

  8. rdulay says:

    Excellent documentary. Relevant to these interesting times. It will be more convenient to "share" if the docu was partitioned into 4 parts so people to whom we will share it with will find it more convenient to watch from a time perspective.

  9. A Civil War will break out when it's apparent that the corporations and banks have infiltrated the government completely and are plain as day overriding the constitution and instituting regulations on the people for sake of "security". It will be a war of "security" versus freedom, people who support the federal-corporatism, i.e. Federalists, and people who wish to reinstate the constitution, i.e. Constitutionalists. Mark my words, it WILL happen!

  10. jmgmarcus says:

    Most people can't pay attention too long that's why all of this happened in the first place………the amount of views on this is appalling.

  11. I agree that the system is a mess and will collapse if we stay on this path. But I don't see how they think Gladiatorial contests of the past and modern sports have anything to do with, or can be used as evidence to predict the decline of society. How can you say gladiatorial games are a result of the decline of the Roman Empire when we know these games were around during the punic wars and possibly earlier. This means these games were taking place long before Rome could even be called an empire and lasted for nearly 1000 years until the rise of Christianity caused them to fall out of favor with the masses. I'm sorry but I truely doubt sports is a reason for or even a symptom of our declining society. This is a really good Video though, even if it's lost in a sea of crazy youtube doomsday, alien ass probes, Lizard people rule the world and eat our baby's conspiracy theory videos.

  12. TheSeer101 says:

    This is bullshit, I was a banker during this time. People insisted on talking loans out they couldn't afford. Look banks offered them and shouldn't have…period, but all these people knew that they buying the real estate to high or taking out fake equity loans. This is why many people didnt say shit. They knew there part.

  13. deejaystona says:

    hmm you and the folks at storm cloud gatherin wud have a good chat

  14. who is The Four Horsemen

  15. Daniel Sams says:

    the bankers of the world have the ability to be good ,

    and use there wealth to end poverty in its tracks

    and stop world War yet they use the banks for there own purposes

    war ,religion, hunger,control

    wake up people befor it's to late and game over

    as always

  16. who is the "Four horse mans of Apocalypse " ? I did some photos from space and we see on that photos The " Four horse mans are driving near to Apollo station .-really . http://www.wladyslawa zawierta  ( The four horse mans of Apocalypse ) just see for your self .

  17. SWeetWho67 says:


  18. Sherry James says:

    Yes I'm a baby boomer and these guys are "spot on"!
    The thing that I don't understand is that some baby boomers still think that the world is as wonderful as it was in the 1970s.
    Many full of Education and completely lacking in wisdom.

  19. Jake John says:

    More then 90% of Americans have pocket change, and 90% of US works for The filthy rich who do nothing but fiddil, we are slaves but we dont know it!!!! Wake up American!!!!!

  20. Fredrick Goh says:

    well done. Very eye opening

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