Bitcoin $800 weekend? No World War 3 in 2017, Ethereum under .01BTC, Vcash ZeroSlot


Will this be the long awaited for Bitcoin over $800 weekend? Don’t let gloom and doom porn pushers get you down. There will be no World War 3 in 2017!


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  1. Ajay Gaundar says:

    Videos so quick i love it!!!

  2. I'd be happy if we go over 800 by January.

  3. natestepper says:

    There is a war… but its psychlogical.

  4. R.B.N Sport says:

    "You should not worry about things going on in syria." – Great, Adam. Who cares if thousands of innocent women and children die every day in the syrian civil war. You are good man . . .

  5. Great video! Awesome actually… right to the point and great advice from the heart. Love it man… we need more positivity in the world!

  6. Henry I says:

    Dollar Vigilante promotes doom and gloom, but also promotes Bitcoin.

  7. richard343s says:

    I predict $800+ BTC before the end of the year

  8. I think WW3 has already started. All the major players are in Syria ( USA and Russia). It might escalate also to other continents and defineltely there will be larger war at some point. It is not fear mongering but realism. World has been quite peaceful for 70 + yrs which is quite good. The wars before WW1 used to be small ones with casulties maximum 150 000 but due to the technology of mass destruction weapons unfortunately wars are more bloody, that's unfortunately the reality, I am sorry for not living in laalaa-land. That being said, in a personal level we should work for our own good. Work hard (as a slave or a entrepreneur), safe some money and buy some Moneros with them and live a happy life and treating other fellow humans in a decent manner in case they are able to make peace in Syria.

  9. Fred Fish says:

    I agree with the bullish sentiment, we need some catalyst for a 'great' weekend I would think, and could have price play between $650-$800 until spring. I might be a bit of a dreamer in hoping that the types of people we supposedly elect and pay taxes to are now becoming understood, and some of the things they've been doing are coming to view; and would hope that more eyes would be on Syria than usual from now on… I firmly believe war is coming, and I'm not Russian!

  10. Gergis G says:

    Ethereum is under 0.01 Bitcoin because its GARBAGE !!!

  11. Gergis G says:

    I am surprised Ethereum isn't below $7.00 yet …I guess garbage must cost something

  12. We shouldn't care about what's going on in Syria but we SHOULD care about what's going on in Mozambique or Zimbabwe?

  13. Satos naka says:

    Hey, if you dont see that there is a war going on in the world, then its Sad. This is not the same war as the first and second but this is a war With information and small terror acts. Lives are still spilled though all over the world

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